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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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7 hours ago, gtx6970 said:

Merry Christmas to me.


A few days ago the mail man dropped off a few goodies. For the builders that go well beyond the box contents. you NEED to get some of these carbs from Fireball  Model works . Simple pictures do NOT do them justice. I picked up a couple sets as well as a few sets of the normal AVS carbs as well



Original issue 1964 Dodge Polara convertible body. I have enough parts stashed away to make it 100% complete.  This one now gives me 2 of them .  I may try to use one as trade material to get a 1964 Fury convertible ,,,,, maybe




I like that acquisition of the '64 Polara Convertible. I was able to get a few sets of Polar Lights '65 Coronet 500 Full wheel covers for my hardtop and convertible. My uncle's 64 Polara 500 Convertible had Baby moons and beauty rims on white stripe tires. I like the spinner wheel covers much better, and that is what I am going to use on mine. I wish you luck on finding a '64 Fury Convertible.

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Mickey Thompson was one of my heroes when I was a kid, and I owe a lot to the inspiration he provided. I've got 2 models of the early version of the Challenger I in progress (build thread here):

I'm doing a few of his other cars as well, but the one that's been most elusive is his '62 A/FX Pontiac Tempest.   32877ff_27.jpg

I finally snagged enough stuff to get going on this build, with enough leftovers to do another one...


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While I don't celebrate Christmas, I did manage to pick up a few things a couple of weeks ago, including three Tyrone Malone kits, all original from the early 80s, very good condition, although the boxes are worn a tad :) I also picked up an 8th Corvette, some old MPC sports cars and a JoHan Javelin 3in1 in excellent condition, except for the box :) 

AMT Bandag Bandit.JPG

AMT Papa Truck.JPG

AMT Super Boss.JPG

Monogram 8th Corvette.JPG

MPC Ferrari Rainbow.JPG

MPC Lambo Countach.JPG

MPC Maserati Bora.JPG

JoHan Javelin.JPG

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  • ranma changed the title to Bought two totes with model's in them at the US 127 Garage sales:: here's what was inside of them...

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