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  2. Weber Intake and Carbs For 289

    The for 1962 new 90 degree V8 221-260 and the 289-302 are from the same family and shares the same basic design, so do even the 351W but it has taller deck so it's taller and wider than the smaller siblings. And the very first 289's from 1963 looked almost exactly the same as the 260 on the outside with the oil filler tube going into the passenger side of the timing cover, in 1964 the oil filler tube was gone, the hole in the timing cover was plugged and the oil cap was on the drivers side valve cover. The 221 has 3.50 inch bore and 2.87 inch stroke, the 260 has 3.80 bore and the same 2.87 stroke, the 289 has 4.00 bore and still the same 2.87 stroke, the 302 has the same 4 inch bore as the 289 but a longer 3.00 stroke, and finally the 351W wich has 4.00 bore and 3.50 stroke.
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    Yesterday we went to Sweden to a Swap Meet that was meant for Drag Race / Street Race parts only. Very good event and I found bunch of parts for my Chevy II project. On our way back home, I saw these in normal traffic...
  4. I like the harder spoons myself. I find the more flexible spoons have a deeper valley that adds engineered rigidity to compensate for the softer material. The deeper valley of these spoons usually result in a decrease in the angel of attack as it enters ones mouth causing total mustache submersion.
  5. Today
  6. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    That's a beautiful model Tulio. Seeing those models make me love those old Fords even more. Great work.
  7. Porsche 935-77

    Very nice. A mean looking race car that looks just as mean in scale. Top job
  8. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    A lovely well finished model Raoul. Such a great colour too. Good work.
  9. 1969 Dodge Superbee (weathered) links fixed

    Amazing work Pat. Just needs some spider webs . Well done.
  10. Station Wagon Kits

    Revell Dodge Magnum
  11. What AMT/MPC Molds Might Still Exist at Round 2?

    He has a small selection , Hobby Bench has a much bigger selection then he does, and staff that is actually friendly. Of course things could of change since the last time I was in there.
  12. sanding

    I use 2000 grit for just about everything. I will use 800 to get the bulk of the flash off and 400 for shaping big things. As far as paint goes I go for automotive paints. They give you better control over your mix ratios so you can compensate for temperature and humidity. I will normally do 2 coats of primer sanded with 2000. 3 coats of color sanded with 2000. 2 coats of clear sanded with 2000 then polished with McGuire's then rubbed with show glaze (32 ford) I have also used Model Master custom lacquer system with great results. I used the same process but I used the color as the primer (wasted money). Lacquer clear doesn't like to be sanded. Just use a very soft "NON SYNTHETIC" cloth and gently rub it for a couple of hours with light applications of a good carnuaba wax. (41 Chevy pickup)
  13. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Well here it is all roughed in. Now comes the hard part...making it all look like it never happened. Lol
  14. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    across Uranus skyline
  15. Various Kits to Trade - New List of Wants

  16. By Pledge, do you mean Future? If so, applying BMF before or after the clear coat is a personal choice. You can do it either way. Personally I prefer to apply the BMF after clear. Which ever way you choose, it's windows last.
  17. New Pro Mod Camaro from Reliable Resin...new pics 9-07-2006!

  18. `Polished Plastic ; Please Share'

    The '67 Chevelle that I'm polishing has a few swirls and such in its moulding , but I'm not going to let that deter me --- I just want to try something different (and , besides , it's a pain to spray paint anything when one lives in an apartment !) . The 1969 Z-28 that I bought is moulded in the same metallic blue ; it has an equal amount of swirls . My plans for that one are : as-moulded blue interior swapped-into the L72 / ZL1 COPO kit , whose white body will be polished .
  19. 1959 Ford Skyliner - Revell

    Nice build and great colour. Congratulations on completing this difficult build. Very impressive indeed. I have one of these in my stash of kits which I would love to build but keep putting it off due to its difficulty. Seeing your build has inspired me to give this kit a try.
  20. `Polished Plastic ; Please Share'

    I see it all of the time. It usually will manifest it's self as a line running across a large panel area like a hood or roof. Just as an example, this Revell '64 T-Bolt has several of them Molded in non-metallic maroon, there is a large "Y" shaped one running through the center of the roof, another diagonally through the drivers side c-pillar, & one running the entire width of the trailing edge of the trunk lid. There's also a small one running through the rear of the drivers side door. Some of these might polish out, but I wouldn't bet on it. This is the first kit that I checked for this anomaly. Steve
  21. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    Awesome work here!i've got a couple of these myself one's complete but the other needs parts,i have the fred cady decal sheet but all the decals are there,i did notice the white stripes are a little hard to see.
  22. Looking for a few kits

    No dice Steven?
  23. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    The rest was also cast by myself from a mint 68 Javelin kit I bought. I used those parts to cast up just about all the parts to a 69 Javelin. 69 Body was from a promo as the hood is molded in. The chassis and all the under hood parts were cast from this. I had learned a lot doing this and also learned that it was a lot of work and that it was better to start with the best rebuilder you can. Plus I learned how much work goes into casting and can appreciate what resin casters do to offer parts and kits. Please don't ask for these parts as they are gone and the molds have shrunk a bit. I keep watching ebay and every now and then I get lucky and score a good rebuilder but really miss Modelhaus!
  24. Testors spray enamel

    I used to set parts on the hearth in front of my gas fireplace for this purpose. Worked pretty well. Steve
  25. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

    I had no interior. So I picked up this promo and made a mold and cast the interior tub from it. Glass was cracked so that was no use to me. I also got a dash from Missing Link from the AMX kit that they offered. Shifter and steering wheel came from Modelhaus.
  26. Forum Outage Planned for this Sunday

  27. Coming along great Jeff! You'll be putting "Under Glass" in no time.
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