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  2. 74' Turbo Offy specs?

    Hi Art and many many thanks for this info.
  3. Annual 68 or 69 Impala SS Button Hubcaps

    Look up harperdbazarre on ebay
  4. MPC Mustang II Cobra kits

    Missing Link resin has some of the Cobra II parts.
  5. Detailed Road Tough 1/24 '57 Nomad

    Wow Rick! They look pretty good and the proportions look spot on! I was hoping for an up to date kit of this from Revell since we had their very nice '56, but with the looks of things it's never going to happen. Guess I'll have to make my own someday and no, that hoary Revell kit doesn't count!
  6. 'V' The Visitors Laser Jeeps

    Those are very cool ! I remember the show very well and you've nailed the look of the Jeeps !
  7. The last round of rumors (prior to the bankruptcy and subsequent sale) involved Revell deciding not to do a Ranchero, because it would require tooling yet another body. Whether or not the new company does one, I'll likely stick with the conversion, as the kit is already paid for and taking up space here! If I want a second Ranchero, I can use the leftovers from the first one to fix the door and roof length on a multi-piece-body kit that is also "in stock"...
  8. LA Roadster Show Model Car Event

    That looks like such a cool event. Great Pics and I'm very happy for our forum members and other contestants who got to brush with greatness. You guys are so lucky to be so close to the vortex of car culture. Kudos to you Art, it looks like it was a lot of work, but that's what it takes to play with the big boys. Well done.
  9. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    Scott, grab up a Lindberg '34 or two. Nice kits, beautiful Chrome Plating, excellent molding. The Decals are mostly bland, and the Armstrong tires are lacking in detail, but it is a great kit. Consider also, that if Lindberg had not rescued the tooling, it might have gotten lost forever. I for one am Darned Glad that Lindberg was able to produce and sell me the First Car Kit I ever owned. (my Dad built it) I have about 6 of them in the stash.
  10. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    Built this one a few years ago. AMT/Aoshima kit, very fun to build!
  11. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    It fits here. There is no confusion.
  12. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    The title of the thread is New Round 2 AMT 2018, I figured it fit here. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe

    Darn right William! Thanks for the tip Craig!
  14. Today
  15. Once again, the '32 High Boy Roadster is back on the bench. I've decided to show the model this year, so I'm adding a few details like headlight wiring and I also lowered the front suspension a tad. The headlights are currently off their mounts while they are drying, then I'll remount the headlights and cleanup the car. More to come...
  16. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    There was a Hobbytown in Colonie, NY but that closed about a year or so ago. I use to buy there but obviously business wasn’t good enough to keep it open. Sad really. You could buy white wall tires and anything else there. When I was a kid just about every kit camE with white walls. If you didn’t want them. You used the reverse side.
  17. 74' Turbo Offy specs?

    Brian, from my Indy Car modeling days (and 1974 was right in the middle of that), the Turbo in the AMT Mclaren kits is pretty danged close, if not spot-on, to scale. Of course, for 1974, the Mclaren M16D Indy Car had a 10" extension collar between the engine and the transaxle, which provided clearance for that "underslung" turbocharger, which does make a difference--an easy part to make and install. Art
  18. Revell 57 Ford wagon question

    Mark, I would not discount the idea that Revell-Germany, once all the mess gets straightened out, does a Ranchero version--in fact I am willing to bet that probably most, if not all, the basic work (cad files, etc., may well even exist--but no direct knowledge of that, of course) Art
  19. Revell 57 Ford wagon question

    In real life, the Ranchero was a version of Ford's 2dr station wagon, so that conversion should not be all that difficult. In fact, on the real Ranchero, the inner panels of the pickup box area are simply the stock station wagon steel inner panels, even down to the inside of the tailgate. All you should need to buy extra, would be some fluted Evergreen styrene, with at least close to the correct spacing, and the back cab wall part from any of the Revell '57 Ranchero's---although ever since the middle 1960's that kit had a chopped top, but stretching the upper part of that back panel isn't exactly rocket science! Art
  20. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    Cool...the shop I frequented in Colorado Springs was really fun also, they often had out of production kits as well...'Compleat Games and Hobbies' IIRC...
  21. Geez, I must have missed that warning--as I airbrush all my models with acrylic lacquers, from primer to finish--never a problem! Art
  22. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    I used to work for a distributor and hobby shop in Englewood. We sold kits and supplies to shops in the Springs, to both Colpar stores and many of the other shops along the Front Range. Colpar's stores are still run/managed by the same guy who ran them, then, except they are now Hobbytown franchises. They both still maintain an excellent supply of kits, supplies, tools, etc., including aftermarket stuff. I've known many of the people who work there for decades, now. I loved Caboose Hobbies for scratchbuilding supplies. Alas, they sold out, and what remains is a shadow of what once was, and are basically Caboose Hobbies in name only, now. That store in Greeley was Don's Hobbies. It is unfortunately gone now, as well. The coolest thing about Don's was that they had a pretty fair selection of out-of-production kits, and that was always fun to check out!
  23. FWIW, (and I am coming to this conversation with more than 6 decades of model car building experience (started building at age 8, in 1952), be it enamel, acrylic lacquer, or straight nitrocellulose lacquer, cheap lacquer thinner, such as can be found just about anywhere (outside of Kalifornia), works not only just fine, but IMO, the best possible thinner for airbrushing any of those still common automotive paints. Been doing it since the middle 1960's. with great results. Art
  24. LA Roadster Show Model Car Event

    The third edition of the Model Car Event at the LA Roadster Show is now complete, and remains one of the funnest shows on the Southern California model car scene. For the first time this year, a Foose Build off class was added, with the only allowed entries being those built from the Revell Foose kits of which the subjects are the cars designed by noted car builder and television personality Chip Foose. This was fully sanctioned by Foose Design, and the winner was chosen by Chip Foose himself! Chip was incredibly supportive of our event, and not only picked the Foose class winner, but also filled in to pick the Best Paint and Best Roadster awards! The legendary Gene Winfield was going to be our Best Paint judge for the second year in a row on his 91st birthday, but he got delayed getting to the show. Thankfully, Gene did show up, just shortly after our awards ceremony. Not too late, however, to see the incredible diorama display model master John Teresi built of Gene’s iconic auto shop, as well as John’s brand new replica build of the Wild Cad painted by Winfield. Gene was ecstatic with the display. Mike Herman from H&H Flatheads chose our best Engine winner for the second straight year, and we were very honored to have him do that. Tamiya generously supported the Top Five, along with our Best Paint and Best Engine Awards. Pro Tech donated a prize package for the Best Roadster class, and Foose Design, of course, added prizes for the Best Foose. This show is definitely a showcase event for the model car scene, with thousands of people flowing through the vendor building during the weekend. The public also chose the Tamiya Top Five award winners by people’s choice voting, with almost 400 votes this weekend! Should we be invited back for a fourth edition, make plans early to be there. It’s an event you don’t want to miss, and we need all the support we can get to keep getting invited back! Congratulations to the award winners! Tamiya Top Five Ken Cornett – ’50 Olds Woody Emilio Gutierrez – Foose Cadillac Andy Blake- 1913 Mercer Runabout John Teresi- Wild Cad Willie Ramirez, Jr.- Foose Cadillac Best Engine John Teresi – Barry Setzer Dragster Best Paint Emilio Gutierrez- Foose Cadillac Best Roadster Ken Cornett- Little Big T Best Foose Foose FD-100 Pickup - John Teresi Bunch Brothers Award Ken Cornett- The Invader Pictures here: LA Roadster Show Pictures
  25. That is the Color I was going for! I thought you would like that "57 !
  26. 'V' The Visitors Laser Jeeps

    I built these 2 Jeeps as the Laser Jeeps used by the alien Visitors on the 1985 TV show 'V'. These are Monogram Jeep CJ7's. These models represent a 1977 Jeep with the front roll bar loop mounted straight up and on top of the wheel wells. The Jeeps used on the show were from the early 80's with the roll bar main loop slanted back with a slight curve in the middle of the top and go down to the floor. I scratch built the roll bars using 2mm rod. I also scratch built the handles above the glove compartment doors and the ignition coils. The distributors are pre-wired from MADD. The laser canons are scratch built using mostly various styrene tubes and rod. I posted some pictures here in the TV and movie car thread but these are updated with the side mirrors attached and I included a couple of progress pictures. I'll be keeping 1 and the other is going to a friend.
  27. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    mine was clean 25 years ago when I first moved in,, Clean ? I couldn't find anything if I cleaned up, Retired, so i'm always in there building and making a mess, Like to buy a old wal mart store, so I have more room for more junk, My wife calls my room a nasty mess,, how dare her, LOL I tell her to just keep the door close, it will be OK
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