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  2. Javelin`s AMC

    Not true. The '71-'74 style (I"m not sure which year) was reissued through the '80s.
  3. Aluminum 41 Willys Coupe

    FANTASTIC build love it
  4. 1969 Dodge Charger 500

    Thank you David!
  5. ALPHA ROMEO 8C 1931

    Great looking model. Thanks for sharing the pics and the back story.
  6. 1/24th scale... ...this part.... . ..from this kit..... ...lots to trade or???? Thanks.
  7. Italari American wrecker truck

    Cool. Nicely done. And the repair shop is easy Area 51 of course.
  8. 1969 Dodge Daytona rear wing

    I've found the part I was looking for. Thanks for looking.
  9. Javelin`s AMC

    I don't know what to say, other than, there are very few new tool announcements that would excite me as much as a '69 or '70 AMX/Javelin would!
  10. Javelin`s AMC

    What model company decision maker do we have to kidnap and hold hostage to get one of the manufacturers to release a series of 1/25 American Motors Company Javelin`s. Retail stores and builders stashes runneth over with G.M`s, Ford`s and Mopars`s while the long defunct American Motors Company subject are TOTALLY over looked as legitimate modeling subjects. There has not been a reissue of ANY Javelin since the long defunct Jo-Han released them as annuals. The `68-70 share a lot of the same sheet metal and suspension. I`m aware of this `cause I was bitten by the AMC bug when I purchased a 1:1 `68 with a blown engine in 1977. With the help of friends the engine was rebuilt and a mint pair of hi-back Gremlin bucket seats from a salvage yard were dropped in it. I proudly drove that puppy for ten years with zero problems. Christ I loved those cars! In October of last year Satterwhite78 posted an exquisite `70 AMC Javelin SST Trans-Am car and a `73 Mark Donohue Trans-Am Javelin that drew quite a bite of attention. Why you ask...because it was something FRESH that car modelers don`t see frequently nor have the opportunity to build because the thimble full of original annual kits have become exceedingly scarcest. And, the kits that are for sale on on-line auctions sites are PRICEY as f**k ! And, lastly it was drastic departure from the same old G.M., Ford, Mopar subject matter! The Javelin`s sheet metal changed for the `73-`74 model years however, they were stylishly smart looking and I would not be opposed to seeing them reissued as well (I got your back on this one Dave Van). Kit makers are looking for new and unusual subject matter that will strike a chord with car builders and sell. Additionally, all the aforementioned Javelins if kitted have spin-off kit possibilities. There`s the stock option, SST Trans`Am versions (i.e.the Mark Donahue car) and drag veneration's. The Jo-han bodies for the `68-`74 annuals are dead on the money...clone them if you must to get the body dimensions correct. Mostly, bring the the dated one piece chassis with the metal rods for the wheels into the 21st century. Heck truth be told the interior tube and engine from the original annual kits are pretty spot on as well.
  11. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Here are a few photos of the 1958 Morris Minor Traveller in a diorama setting, along with the AEC bus, and the local Police Constable..... David
  12. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    OK, so the red toggle switch protector... more info on that please :-)
  13. Today
  14. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    UPDATE! Yes, I have been working on this thing! I've actually been hung up on detail painting a lot of the chassis and some engine parts because I was out of my go-to magnesium metalizer and haven't had an opportunity to go by the local shop to get more until today. I still need to clear seal a bunch of this stuff but at least the color is on! Here's some random pics from today.
  15. 1966 Ford F100

    The weathering is awesome, especially on the engine.
  16. 1970 Ford F100

    Excellent, as always!
  17. 1970 Ford F100

    Impressive build and weathering.
  18. Very VERY way hella most excellent cool! LOVE those '67 Ponchos and you did a great job of it--you are a true Glue Bomb Hero! Well done and model on!
  19. 66 Fairlane

    Very nice, and that's exactly the color combo I'm using on mine if and when I ever get around to finishing it.
  20. 1948 Lincoln Continental

    Some huge improvements there
  21. Movin’ On Kenworth Restoration

    Nice work. Already a huge improvement. 👍
  22. 63 Corvette mild custom

    This is the coolest thing I've seen all day (and your old one is way-cool too). Great concept and perfect execution! I've been collecting original AMT '63-'67 Vettes and parts for over a decade now, and thought I had at least "one of everything" but I've never seen that hella cool hood before, so good for you on that! VERY well done and model on!
  23. 1968 c10

    coming along nicely
  24. 1969 Dodge Daytona rear wing

    PM sent
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