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  2. Could I bother you for just a little more info on the black bird? Revell or AMT?, kit # or pic of box art? Thanks for any help you can share.😎
  3. Those of us who live here sometimes forget how spoiled we really are. More great shots Howard.
  4. Just for fun I am going to take a crack at identifying these. Please correct me for the sake of accuracy. From the top they adorn: 31 Buick 90 35 Cadillac Minerva (unknown year) Pontiac (about 1935) Bugatti Royale (the Henry Ford Museum car) Duesenberg J (Derham Tourster, J 431?) 47 Cadillac 57 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser (the Parfet car?) 31 Cadillac 31 Chrysler Imperial 34 Packard 41 Cadillac 31 Cadillac 37 Packard 31 Cadillac 41 Packard Darrin 39 Graham 30 Cadillac 33 Cadillac V 16 (Jeff Ozans car?) 30 Cadillac 35 Cadillac 3t Cadillac 37 Cadillac 32 Franklin 41 Packard Rolls Royce Rolls Royce So how did I do? Oh, and gor the record, no I was not able to attend the show this year; didn't have a car ready).
  5. Wowzers!! What a great group of models you have to there, Cliff! Not a bad one in the bunch. I love those birds. They look β€œright”. There is plenty of inspiration in those pics!
  6. I've had the best luck and best results with this stuff . No need for special base coats ; no need for specific-colour bases ; looks just as impressive whether the base is flat , satin , or gloss . And , it flashes quickly ; safely can be handled within 24 hours ; is impervious to multiple handlings .
  7. thank you i was not sure which way it went in
  8. thank you guys for the comments. here is a couple more shots
  9. One beautiful Charger! Like the others said, the color and the wheels are sharp. Chargers rule! πŸ‘
  10. Thanks Dann, I wish my builds could be as good as yours. Thank you!
  11. I'm glad they did, I wanted one as soon as I heard about it before the whole Great Planes mess fully took hold and knew the place I bought it from had a couple when I went down to buy some R/C car parts (last few Fridays have been......destructive for my friend and IπŸ™„) and may have to pick up more as I go back for more R/C parts............
  12. Nice! Love those Cudas! πŸ‘
  13. Ok. Which can? ;looks like several choices, they say fat cap" ???????????? and high pressure, not for small items? Which one do you use? AND does it work well on resin? THANKS!
  14. Looking good, and a great color!!
  15. I have only driven a couple of cars for a short time with the stop/start option. If I was buying a new car I'd pay extra to not have it. Another thing I hate is the way the cylinder deactivation worked on the '10 Charger RT we traded off the first of the year. At part throttle on the freeway it would start to deactivate cylinders and it would sound like the car was farting and the throttle response was slowed.
  16. Thanks for that......wondered if they were still going to do it after bankruptcy.....
  17. great job, looks excellent
  18. I order chrome spray from 'Bombing Science' online. Owner says it's Molotow in a can. I love it an am on my 2nd 600 ml can....check it out.
  19. Today
  20. Great looking pick up and I like the stance. I always liked the Ford rear fenders rather than the kits Chevrolet optional fenders on this body style. Nice job on the rear wheel tubs.
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