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  2. Easy one…Chief get behind me,Hooper reverse,ain’t you watching it….Come on blow up.Smile you son of a boooom!!!!!Quint? No.
  3. built the original kit as a kid, got to get a new one. fine job on this.
  4. I Went to NYS DMV today to get my Jeep on the road,and found out you have to make an appointment to register and get a title.DMV really sucks.They are making things really hard to getting your car on the road.Just annoying as all hell.And it takes weeks to get your car registered and titled.All because Covid.😡😠😡😠!!!!!.Now I have to fill out all the necessary forms,and get an appointment.Who knows when I’ll get my Jeep on the road.
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  6. thank you Ron, testors manganese.
  7. Welcome to the forum, officially now. Great build. Excellent choice in paint, looks very nice. Keep ‘em coming.
  8. I have a big magnifying glass clamped to a stand on my work bench that I use but a lot of times I can't get a part under the glass or at the right angle. My reading glasses don't cut the mustard either. So.....I'm checking into the magnifying glasses that strap to your head with a light. I tried to search the forum As I'm sure this has been covered but didn't come up with much. Anyone using a pair of the ones that strap to your head or have something better they are using ?
  9. Man.. that sits just right, nice job👍
  10. Sharp looking build!!
  11. I didn't say I wanted any particular kit, so you did miss something. I asked who stocks Atlantis kits on the shelf. By the way, Santa Claus has brought me many a kit.
  12. Super clean looking build. Great detail work.
  13. Unreal Roller will arrive at dealers this week. Got notice from my seller they were on the way.....EARLY!!!! Thanks Atlantis!
  14. I like the blue interior against the white. Nice job.
  15. Thanks everyone, this model seems to really have hit a nerve for a lot of people. It received by far the highest number of views in WIP of any model I have ever built on here which amazes me because this is not a genre I usually venture into. I guess one thing that kept me moving forward was knowing that I could never make it worse than what I started with!!! Cheers Alan
  16. This was weird. Last night I was on the Atlantis website. I wanted to get their ex-Aurora 1/72 scale kit of the AH-56 Cheyenne helicopter, which has been out for a while now. It hasn't been available since the Aurora release in the 1960s. Thought I would just order it directly from Atlantis. But the AH-56 was not in the Atlantis web pages for "Helicopter Kits" or "Aircraft Kits." I closed the Atlantis site, went to Google and did a search. That returned a link for the AH-56 kit...on the Atlantis website. When I clicked that link, it went to a "404 Not Found" page. So it looks l
  17. Thanks guys for all the comments . They are appreciated.
  18. Bump I'd still really like to find this Moebius kit.
  19. Rodger, I got the wheels from Scale Repro's Plus The # is SRP1710. Thanks everybody for the kind comments. They are appreciated. Ian, sorry I do not have any more pictures. The car is pack up for the IPMS show.
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