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  1. This is really something, bravo, a real joy to follow. Makes me want to try this in order to create a 77-79 Lincoln MkV. Best of luck and continued success with this project.
  2. I buy it from my local auto paint supplier. I buy the Valspar 2 part stuff. The draw back using this stuff is it is very toxic and requires ample ventilation and a good mask. Check with your local paint supplier you might be able to get the rattle can stuff which it was available a few years ago. Tamiya acrylic clear is also a good option, non toxic, lays down smooth, and my polishes up really well, just make sure to lay down a number of coats.
  3. Oh man a book, what a no brainer! This is such a great idea for so many other cutting tasks, thanks for posting this.
  4. My 2 cents. Not meaning to throw a wrench into this discussion, but I would suggest polyurethane as a much 'friendlier' option. With poly-u you'll have no worries about it reacting to the decals or any other paint you may have laid down. Plus it is pretty hard to mess up the finish, it lays down glass smooth with a good wet look finish. I use it exclusively when I build, or paint helmet/goalie masks etc. The only draw back is it is hard to rub out a scale shell and get the original sheen to it if you happen to mess it up. Keeping this in mind It does polish up but never as good as untouched, simply because you can't put the pressure behind it without damaging the shell.
  5. This is looking real cool. Who doesn't like these Baja bugs.
  6. Cool build, dig it very much, very original.
  7. Wicked, gota love the Motolow chrome. Man the hours you have in the planning alone not to mention masking/painting re masking is out standing. Looking forward to the next update.
  8. This is a great start, some skilled work for sure. Alway enjoy watching clean mods like this one. I'll be following.
  9. Hi Dan, It always a pleasure to follow your builds. I am digging where this might be going. Good luck to both you and your buddy with the rest of the build, they both look like they'll be stunners.
  10. I'm really digging the left spoon, gold/orange pearl would look great on that body. Best of luck with a dog breakfast of a kit.
  11. Looks like Appoxy Sculpt. It is available in more then one colour, super easy to use, stays workeable for hours. Also has a long shelf life, I have been using the same stuff for more then 8yrs.
  12. Love these LR paint jobs. This really jumps off the screen at you, I dig your design and colours.
  13. Unfortunalty the issue has been self inflicted, either from wet sanding or thinning it. I have been using Tamiya putty for as long as it has been available in Canada, never have I had an issue with drying. In fact just the opposite, it dries too fast. I agree with David, scrape it back and start over.
  14. The visual changes you made to this really make it a much better looking car, not so cartoonish, great stuff. The wheels and side pipes help bring it all together. I really like this.
  15. I'll be following this, good start so far. A note on the paint of the movie car, it was actually painted a very dark green. The car was painted the very dark green simply because black is the most difficult colour to capture in a photo and on film as it plays havoc on lighting.
  16. That turned out great Adam, really great work all round, the tire's look fantastic.
  17. Really sharp looking build. Nice work on the seats and belts, I really like the added rivets.
  18. Very cool looking, I like all the changes you have made to it.
  19. Rider

    1976 March 761

    Wow, this really looks great.
  20. Really great looking build. Nice work.
  21. Someone had fun building it, if you look close there are a number of very creative artist touches. I would think if the front of the cab was stretched to the engine it would drastically change the look. Regardless, it's an individuals creative vision and labour of love.
  22. Thanks Jesse for the suggestion. I have, they're too small. The rear tire's from the MPC 1/16 Cobra kit look about the right height, but the fronts are too tall.
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