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  1. Love it! Some really great work went into this. Can't wait to see what you do next!
  2. Some real good progress. Keep it up.
  3. Great looking classic. Nice work on the interior, I like the little "I love Cuba" bumper decal. I really like that colour.
  4. Hats off to you guys who have kept your builds from sooo long ago. Cool looking car. I remember wanting those wheels for my car.
  5. Rider


    You'd have had a melt down knowing what I've seen.πŸ˜” My grandfather owned a big wrecking yard, once a year a mobile crusher rolled in. I grew up hanging around/in that yard in the '70's and early ''80's. I dig the map graphics too. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘That's why I build. I only wish I had originally thought of this idea. Nothing gets me into building wacky out of the box stuff more then hearing it made someone smile and or laugh. I truly build for myself, but when it makes someone smile and laugh, that's even better.
  6. Really great work, I can only imagine the work involved for the cage alone. Well done.
  7. The low rider crowd is very excited to get there hands on this long awaited car. Best of luck moving forward with this project Paul.
  8. Rider


    Thanks man. Well it is a halfas kit to begin with so you'll be good. Thanks Jonathan. I appreciate that Craig. This has been about a year on and off the bench, lol, I am super slow. Thanks Ray. One step closer to paint. I shot a few coats of filler primer, now to let it cure for a few days. So far so good, perhaps some white will go down Monday. Thanks for checking in on the progress guys.
  9. Great looking build of a great kit. I had one of those but traded it away, doh!
  10. Wild start. I'll be watching this come to life.
  11. Thanks for the response. I was hoping it was a clear. So basically a heavy flake like back in the 70's when painters pretty much laid down some clear, punched holes in a box full of flake and shook it over the clear. Then buried it with a ton of clear.
  12. Rider

    AMG GT3 - Moded

    Another great dio Charles. Your work rocks dude.
  13. Rider

    Thanks to you all.

  14. Rider


    This is spectacular, really dig all the extras and the paint!
  15. Far out man. That glitter, is it clear?
  16. Rider


    I was thinking the same. I forgot about the gold in the trunk too. A 1/2 pick up couldn't carry that load.
  17. Great looking work on the BMF, nice work on the interior.
  18. Killer work. Stock builds don't usually garner much interest for me but your work sure does. Well done, dig the license being off a bit. Was that on purpose or just luck? I think it adds to the realism.
  19. Rider


    Thanks Snake. I have another idea. One more intune to a pancake method of crushing a car, allowing for more detail be show. Too bad I don't have a Lincoln kit. Thanks for your suggestion. 🍻 Edit: I found this, skip to the half way point.
  20. Rider


    πŸ‘ Thanks Dan. It's nothing but crumpled up tin foi,l a wheel/tire, some spare bits and lots of paint and weathering. Lol πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ I did think of making a mold. The issue is the silicone would get into all the cracks and crevices, which would lock the part in the mold. πŸ‘ Thanks for the interest and comment guys. I really appreciate them all.
  21. WOW! What a super clean crisp build. Everything about it makes it a standout, great work!
  22. Really great looking model, beautiful paint.
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