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Turbo 4cyl Cuda - DONE!! 3/21


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 Thanks guys!!  

The question i have is how much for a printed srt4 im an old school turbo dodge guy and Iam currently building a real 85 omni glh that is going to be srt4 swapped. I have pretty much every turbo dodge models made and would love to have the srt4 for all of them.

At this time, im not going to try and sell them, the consistency isn't quite there yet.  I have to print 4 or 5 pieces to get a good one(at about an hour print time), and even that good one still requires a lot of hand work to be up to my standards. Once i get past this project, I may circle back and refine my 3d model enough to put up on shapeways to help out my fellow neon and turbo dodge guys.  That wont be till the summer tho, up until march 20th all my modeling energy is going into this bad boy.


Totally redid the airdam/splitter last night... squared it off some more, and didnt try to follow the curved valence like the first attempt.  Much better in my opinion.  Oh and i filled the hood to make it a flat piece... turbo nostril still on the way.



Then I started in on the engine compartment, and tube front section... need to work out the upper control arm, coil-over and radiator mounts as well as tying it all together.


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Holy Shi*! I saw this car on an Instagram post by one of the builders I follow and the craftsmanship blew me away. I can only dream to have the skills and machinery to build something this nice!!

NOW...On a separate note, I do have a silhouette at home as my wife has a small company that uses it, so I may start cutting some styrene on it. Never thought about that before.










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Thanks guys!!  Im at that weird point in a build where im doing little things that need to be done, but arent very visually exciting...   As Andy says, "Stuff no one will notice, but they would totally notice if it wasn't done correctly"

Little update:

Motor mounts made, engine pushed back, final dry fit position, made lower strut mounts.

Recessed a tube into the firewall, so the exhaust of the turbo can exit out the fender.

Started the side skirts.

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Thanks guys!    I'm still not sure on the wing... It needs something, but I'm personally not a fan of giant wings.. I might try an overemphasized factory style spolier back there. 

I did manage to get the full belly pan roughed out tonight. 

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Thanks guys!   Im trying to wrap up the fabrication phase of this project this week so i can move onto priming, painting and detailing.   We shall see how that goes, mostly the tube front frame section and interior/ roll cage at this point.

Made it past a major hurdle last night, with help from my new vacuum form machine.   I love this thing!

Here is a quick play by play:

First I cut up and smoothed a medicine bottle to the right shape for the rear inner fenders.

Placed in vac former.

Heat and swooosh some .030 styrene.

Cut out 2 copies.

Glued in place and rough cut.


Final cut and assembled. Now i need to work out the upper A-arms and shock mounts, and do some cleanup.


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I need one! Where and how much did your vacuum former cost?!

Yup... Ordering a vacuum form today. 


Under 100.00 on amazon and ebay... search "dental vacuum form"    quite a sturdy little tool... 5" x 5" Area..  I'm just scratching the surface of what it can do... Lots of potential to make parts.

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