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2 tone 57 Ford Custom


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Engine wired and plumbed.  Refinished in BASF driftwood grey and Jonquill yellow lacquers, DuPont urethane clear coat.  Scratch built distributor, fuel filter assembly, starter solenoid, parking brake assembly.  Added valve stems and wheel weights to the tires.

This is the first time I ever used decals for the white walls.  I was impressed how well they turned out. 











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I like your 1957 Ford Fairlane build a lot, Andy...... the two-tone colour combination is very unusual, but pleasing to the eye and so '50's in character. The white wall decals have worked nicely for you, the engine detail is excellent and the underside of your model car has a nice realistic look too. This makes me want to build one of these Ford Fairlane's ! ..... which kit is this. Andy?


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Since Revell launched their '57 Ford line of kits, there have been no shortage of them on this forum. Yours is one of the nicest builds I've seen. Great details without overdoing it. Very authentic looking. Great model.

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Outstanding looking model. The unusual colors work well together as does the interior. I like the mild ageing of the undercarriage. All of the trim is very cleanly done.  

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