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`Radicool` 64 Lowrider ! !

Lowlife ! !

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Thought id introduce you to a bit of a long term build, my 64 Impala !
So there was a catorgory at Lowrider shows for Radical builds, its all a bit more subtle now, but i used to love those cars, so I thought id build one !
So whats going on ?    I never did like standard, so heres the ideas...   So far !
the whole back half of the car will tilt up on hydraulics
split front bonnet / wings joined, and tilting upwards
split rear boot/rear panel joined,, probably opening up the same as the front !
opened rear section by the bottom of the rear window
chassis needs boxing !
will have suicide doors, scratchbuilt fur/mirrored interior, and a detailed chassis with complete hydraulic install...
maybe a new front and rear end style, roof chopped and a split targa roof, tilting up !
Can only do a bit at a time, theres nothing left to glue together otherwise.. !  The floorpan is an old one i'd already added a smooth firewall too, and later broke ! So this is repaired and going in the mix, with smooth floors underneath !
Hopefully i can get this back to being one piece again, wish me luck eh ! !




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As BA said to Hannibal "He's on the JAZZ again!"

Wow - this is a wild one Martin. The older I get the tamer, my projects become, but it seems yours just get wilder. Good luck with this one. I'll enjoy watching this plan come together.

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Thanks guys, glad you like it !

I'm busy fitting a firewall surround at the moment, and very carefully cutting open the drivers door....

I've now attached the body to the floorpan permanently, to keep things straight , but think I'll just do one door open !!

And Sonny i enjoy models for the imagination and creativity, nothing against factory stock but I like to try ideas out, this is just getting carried away  Lol  !

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Thankyou guys !

Hey thankyou Sam !   if you mean my new shape custom bug, im waiting for the shops to reopen, when i can get paint i`ll be back on this at some point !

Been playing with this one again today,  one door cut out and im making the door shuts.

Then i attacked the rear floorpan, ugly bits chopped out and new floors made up !  

try the front half next.......







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Hi guys !

New floors are added underneath, door jambs and a new idea,   `drawbridge doors ! !`

Im posting this to show you the hinges mainly,  this is how im doing them.
Yes its cheating, but these are simple. Only the black rubber is glued so the door can slide off.
Easier for painting and also if you transport the kit anywhere, it wont snap off !

They still look hinged, and could still work (if i`d glued the door jamb in correctly ! )   i can hide most of the hinge with fur so it wont be seen anyway !






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This is a very ambitious project in which you have invested yourself Martin!  Thing sure, it's the perfect way to show all the details that are usually hidden by the body panels.  The '64 Impala is simply the best candidate for this kind of build and you're on the good track for a radical one!!!  I'll come back for sure to check your progress.

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Thankyou guys !

Had a slight delay with this, got the chassis boxed at the rear (as it will be seen) then tried painting it... ..

Silver enamel base, then purple flake nail varnish...
For some reason it turned the filler back to a paste ? ?
So I smoothed it out and cleared it... That reacted !
It's warped the chassis now, but luckily I found a spare !     (  Why have I got a spare chassis, I don't remember building one without a chassis ? ?   )
Anyway Ive started it again , think I'll stick to a plain colour next time !

So while chassis is still being boxed, i played with some more hinges !

Boot was fixed to the rear light panel and cut in half, then i had to decide which way to hinge it ?
Couldnt decide, so i went with both ways....

These work too, ( and dont touch, the pics look like they do ? ) they are still removable, but the boot can also close !





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Thankyou guys !

Thought id try a new idea with the glass next, i did brake the original cutting the shape out but luckily  i found some flat glass to use !

The front screen surround is gone, and its now mocked up a liitle high, it will be lower than this. I also shaped the rear roof differently... 

Needs a channel maybe to fit the glass into, but this is the new shapes  !





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Bit more madness going on... ??

The bonnet was next for the hinge treatment, both of them ! One side actually opens normally, except the front wing is attached to it !
The other side was a pain to figure out, opening gullwing style ! If you look at the pics i added a tube ( with a reinforced plate ) to the firewall, to add the hinge to !
I might add a further tube before final fitting, so it runs to the radiator support ?

Also i was thinking of the hydraulic install.
Normally (for those who dont know) you create a box section `rack` which is mounted through the floor to the chassis, so the boot floor is not supporting the weight of the batteries and pumps.
As the floor lifts up on mine i cant do this ? So ive cut out a hole in the boot floor and everything can mount to new chassis crossmembers . 

The top suface of the chassis has been smoothed too, and a new crossmember between the shock mounts  !

Should look better as the chassis and hydraulic install can be viewed seperate to the bodywork !

Anyway, more pics.... (and excuse the toothpick ! )




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