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This model started as a paint experiment and then took on a life all its own.... Story of my life...LOL


The body is from the Rat Roaster with the cowl from the Phantom Vicky and the windshield from the same kit. Grille shell came from a 5 window kit and then the bottom portion was filled in and a radiator was scratch built with the help of some MCG photo etch. Then a MCG photo etched grille was inserted. The fenders are from the 5 window kit. The rears have been bobbed to come closer to the rolled pan on the body and the running boards have been filled in and smoothed out.  Tail lights are MCG photo etch and so is the license plate frame.


The doors and seat came from the original Roadster kit. The floor is from the Rat Roaster. The steering wheel is MCG and so is the gauge panel, the dash vents and pedals. The seatbelts are scrapbooking paper from my wife's stash with Detail Master photo etch buckles. Ken's fuzzy ur covers carpet duty and the piston shifter I believe came from Revell's '32 5 window. 


The frame started as a Phantom Vicky part, but pretty much only the center crossmember tubing and part of the rails remain. The front clip came from the Rat Roaster, while the rear was scratch built. the front suspension is standard fair Revell '32 while the rear has quickchange center section, which I made a mold for and poured from white metal. An aluminum axle goes through it and it is attached to the frame via scratch built triangulated four bars and scratch built coil over shocks on the inside of the axle. The inspiration for this set up came from Boyd Coddington's Alumatub. 


The engine and transmission came from the Rat Roaster, supercharger and all. It received a MCG resin/photo etched Edelbrock valve covers and air filter. Everything was painted in Molotow chrome to match the kit's chrome parts. Engine is fully plumbed and wired, altho there s barely any space to see it. The Corvette headers go into scratch built exhaust from solder and aluminum tubing. 

The paint is Kreatex waterbased paint from Hobby Lobby with the flames done with Tamiya colors. Everything was masked with bare metal foil and then the flames were freehand cut out. I am not completely satisfied with the paintjob, but I still learned a lot from it. 

I hope you like it and thanks for looking. 




















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Man, that is a good looking old school Hot Rod.  Love the color and nice job on cutting those flames out free-hand on the bmf. 

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Thank you guys. 

55 minutes ago, Dan Hay said:

Really looks good, the whole look, and the flames really capture the "Ohio Look" as I've heard it called.

Ohio flames they are indeed. 

17 minutes ago, Phildaupho said:

Spectacular Deuce. Fantastic paint job. Very well done top to bottom. Looks very much like a 1/1 '32 Booby Alloway built a few years ago.

Yes. The car Alloway built was the inspiration for this model. 

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10 minutes ago, Dennis Lacy said:

Dude, this turned out freaking kick ass! I love every bit of it. What really stands out to me is how well-planned out the whole car looks. Nothing looks like an afterthought. 

Thank you Dennis. It means a lot coming from you. 

I have few more Deuces that I need to photograph and some I need to just finish up the details on that I am pretty sure you will get a kick of. 

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Like Dennis said, nothing looks out of place.  What an amazing combination of parts you used to achieve this total look.  Easily the best Ohio flames I've ever seen on a model! Beautiful work!



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Totally nails that transitional post-billet era style personified by builders like Barry Lobeck, Bobby Alloway and the early cars out of Brizio's when Andy's influence still could be clearly seen. It truly is a "greatest hits" build, a virtual inventory of all the best stuff from the 1/25th Deuce kits. And beautifully executed, as has been repeatedly noted. Bravo!

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I got to see this model on display at the K.C. Slammers swap meet & show a couple of years ago. As nice as the pictures are they just can't capture how good it looks in person.  I still keep a picture on my cell phone of this build. 

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This thing is sweet. The color combo and flame execution are great, despite how you may feel about it yourself.

Like others have said, great parts selection. But the difference maker is the execution. Blending the parts together to make them look like they were made for each other is the key, and you nailed it. 

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