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'78 AMC Pacer Coupe


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Finished up the first build of 2022 after taking a year off of building. Feels good to be back! 1978 AMC Pacer Coupe with a 304 V-8 from the Revell Jeep Honcho kit, wired, paint is factory AMC Captain Blue metallic, wheels are the optional DL hubcaps pirated from the JoHan '66 Marlin kit. Yes, they were still available in '78.





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Looks awesome!

I've had one of these kits since it was last reissued that I haven't gotten around to. When I do, I plan to do it as a sand tan / golden ginger two-tone.

Often wondered what other stock wheels would go with it besides the ones the kit comes with or the super-deep rally wheels from AMT's Gremlin and Matador coupe kits... 

Those Marlin hubcaps are perfect for it. Might be a bit cost prohibitive for me though. haha


Anyway, Excellent job. 👌

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