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1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice

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Not sure what to do here. Shapeways printing specs are a little larger than standard and have to enlarge the grill/headlight bucket thickness. 

If I enlarge the thickness (first photo) it might not look right. Hard to tell on screen.

If I go with the thinner version (second photo), I'll have to print at another location which is fine for the resin & injection molded kit, but the On Damand 3D printed version comes off the table. The other option is to keep it thin and not separate the nose from the grill/headlight buckets which would be harder to chrome (masking involved) 

Any opinions? 



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Can you can print both thick and thin versions to see how the prototype body will come out? One from Shapeways and one from On Demand.

Whatever comes out the best is the version you go with.  What is the cost to print out the two?

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I'm sure this will be a popular model to have and I'm amazed at the lengths you going to ending up with an injection molded product! I'd be interested in seeing how the body comes from a 3D printer as I'm just beginning to have some parts made that way.

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Not necessarily a buyer of this model but I am really impressed with how you are developing it. Hoping that the future of model building is one where a model builder could actually design their "holy grail" and not have to hope that a model company decided to tool up that long awaited kit. 

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You are making some incredible progress Robert!

As far as the front light reflectors go, could you make them more parabolic shape to closer represent the 1:1 headlights?  Thar will greatly add to the realism of the model. Headlights are one of those areas which are often not done correctly on models, destroying the realism.

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All the discussion on this thread so far has been about the Ford, but none on the Chevy. If you are curious to know what other guys are up to, here is a Caprice: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-90-Chevy-Box-Caprice-4dr-Euro-front-resin-kit-lowrider-/112208678629?hash=item1a20288ee5:g:pb0AAOSwgZ1XtzJc

Headlights and indicators are not even close to the 1;1 and for that price i would also expect plated parts.

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