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Tamiya kit straight from the box. Fell together with very little input from me, Decals were a revelation, was expecting all sorts of problems and some considerable swearing but they went-on without a hitch. Please feel free to make any criticism, comment or ask any questions.


block done 2a.jpg

block done 3.jpg

finished a.jpg

finished b2.jpg

finished b3.jpg

finished c1.jpg

finished c2.jpg

finished d.jpg

finished e.jpg

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4 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Beautiful job.

What technique did you use to enhance the panel lines? They're just right, and really help make the model look real


Pretty easy, Bill - I borrowed Tom Rujter's idea of deepening the panel lines with a scriber tool but then I added a thinned 'panel wash' - you can use Tamiya pre-mixed panel line accenter or simply mix your own with thinned (Paynes Grey) oil paint. I use both methods - try it on an old 'test bed' before you commit to next build tho' !!



Thanks for the great feedback folks.



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Great job. What clear did you use for the decals?

I have this kit as well. Trying to make the street version. Only thing that is bothering me about is that the rear bumper should actually be blended into the hood piece like on the real car. The real panel line is just above the taillight. Would take a good amount of work to make it look right.

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