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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!


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Two that I have been mucking around with for a while. The T Bird has a full 99 SVT Mustang interior, chassis and running gear. The Dodge funny car body will be fitted out as a true GT. I have the interior and chassis all sorted. These bodies look so good!



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11 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

wing...... just doesn't look right.

Probably depend on the wing more than the car. But the car also have some thing classic about it with the mods you made. And classic cars of that era would not have a wing. If it would have been more aggressive in its aperance with more of a modern race touch it would have worked with the wing. Many even just with a wheel change. 

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Eaglemoss Colectors Kits; I will never, never ever subscribe for one of these again!!! It took 18 months and $1200 to get this kit. The instuctions are vague, confusing and jump all over the kit. The fit... you think spending that much money it would be a better fit without mods. I tried watching the vids on YouTube, it didnt help. I had to cut and grind the chassis to get the ejection seat to lock in place.The list of parts not fitting correctly is still growing. I do not and will not recommend subscribing to any of the "Eaglemoss Collection"!!20211205_195929.jpg

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Start of a new project- Revell's Model A but with a 427 Ford instead of the nailhead. Front end will be lower by raising the front crossmember spring perch and possibly removing a leaf in the front spring. Color is Testors gunmetal- very dark slatey blue which will be dull coated after a little sanding. Frame an bottom of floor pans will be the same. Also using a chopped Deuce grille from Replicas and Miniatures.



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