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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!


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On 6/4/2022 at 11:24 PM, Rocking Rodney Rat said:


Thank you, Brother!  Your "A" Liner is spot on! You have every accent line highlighted!!  Once you put a shine on it... well we'll need sunglasses to shade the mirror flat surfaces.  Buff a little tread off of those stickers throw a class indication that the S.C.T.A. approve & let's hit the salt, RRR!! -KK

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I've been kicking ideas for this car for quite some time. I waffled between a gas class drag racer and a sort of tourer, but, neither quite struck a chord. Recently, I ran across an old AMT '62 Pontiac wheel. I've always liked their look; utilitarian and high-performance, combined, I think. I believe an innovative rodder (1:1) could adapt them to the 'Vette. Anyway, I received an Oomoo 30 rubber kit, the other day (I'd never tried it, until now. I quite like it!), and poured an open mold of that wheel. The first two I made, I mixed in a couple of colors of metal powder (I will definitely be buying more colors of this stuff!). Rubber is vintage AMT NASCAR (and other kits). I found this scoop in my spares box. Not sure where it came from. It had a peak down the center, that I began sanding off.

I'm thinking satin black finish, Bare Metal, new headlights with separate mesh covers. I'm considering a red interior, colored using techniques in the leather painting thread on here, a short while back. I'm going to try to lower it a tad more, as well. What do you guys think?





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On 1/21/2022 at 6:54 PM, Steve H said:

Well, since I just did a quick mock of my Camaro in base coat…

Luke, it’s your favourite TS 14, just not nearly as smooth as you do. It will get a handful of colour coats on top, then I’ll smooth it out.

I like doing mocks too. It’s always fun diving into the parts bins and drawers looking for the right combo. Of course stance is everything….

I'm digging it, it's got a real Hoonigan look going!

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