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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!


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I believe the OP's original intent was to show/share building ideas.  We have drifted off into before and after projects.

Here is future Hemi Cuda race car project I have sketched out:



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Our club build is ( build a mustang) we had a camaro build several years ago. I always wanted to do this car, a 1966 Shelby convertible. There were only 6 originals made. Need two kits to pull this off. Here is the very simple mock up. 



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I learned a long time ago that you can use the box art(especially Tamiya's side panels) to do plan modifications before you start chopping up plastic.  This is one that I did years ago.  The roof is chopped, the body sectioned and the bumpers were tucked in.  

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9 hours ago, Mattilacken said:

Please build that 😉 

I did, twice!  After my win at Tamiya/Con I built two of them as thankyou's to the Staff at Tamiya.  Unfortunately, it was a long time ago and I can't find the photos.  Also, now the kits for these have gotten stupid expensive!


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