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Likewise, Chico CA today.

Just a tiny question for Larry G.: Okay, the MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet "all the tooling in this kit is new" -- regarding the car model that is probably gospel.  But the little trailer; if you wonder why there are emergency vehicle gumball parts on it's sprue tree, could it be because it (I think) was originally issued in the AMT 1961 Buick Special wagon kit (along with a welcome early Chrysler hemi) which also had the cop lite? 

I still have a few bits of my trailer -- much like an early U-Haul -- but don't recall why in '61 I didn't build it as in the instructions!  I think I tried to use part of it for bed parts in a Dave Shulkis (sp?) conversion of a '60 T-Bird HT to Ranchero that didn't come off.  Well, I still have the rear decking, mauled up by my using a hack-saw blade for sectioning (age 16, living in American Siberia) which anyone may have, along with the unused front and rear bumpers for a small swap.  Bet at least that component is a tooling recycle! 

Just sayin'                                                                                         Wick, fumbling around with plastic kits since 1953

PS/  I was working on that old Buick today: converted to two-door panel delivery, nailhead 401 under the opened hood, GM buckets and console, opening tailgate, big diameter rims, and... probably scratched-up surfboards. :-<)

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Knee was bothering me pretty bad after standing for more than 8 hours at the MDA Model show in Roanoke.  Filled up my Iceman with ice, sat back in the recliner and thoroughly enjoyed reading issue #218 from cover to cover.  Now I have to wait for #219 to come out. 

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21 hours ago, Scott Colmer said:

Got Mine. Lots of good stuff. My favorite..? The interview with Bob Sifferd. I have his Telstar in my folder of personal favorites. It's nice to get the extra shots of that and the Gold Nugget. 

Tim and I were very excited to put that one together. I found the pic of   Bob's Telstar a couple of years ago in the Petersen Archives and tracked him down. Very gifted modeler. We have a few more like that coming down the road.

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