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  1. I agree. I've been less than satisfied with m y body prints, but wheels & tires and engine parts turn out perfectly. I've recently printed a body kit for a build, and it turned out mostly good. But the rear spoiler curled. It's practically a U now. THe details are great, but I guess when it dried and cured, it started to curl. Anyone have thoughts on how to stop that?
  2. Went camping for the weekend. Had no rain, no cell coverage, and no internet.
  3. On a related note, I'll be taking some detail pics of Broncos here at the dealership. I have a Bronco 2-door here now. First one we've had with the manual transmission. If anyone wants any specific pics, let me know.
  4. Stopped by a buddy's shop today to drop off our e-Transit van for some graphics. As always, he had a couple of interesting things in for some work. The shop does normal mechanical repairs, but also does full on customization and restoration on anything, plus graphics & wraps, plus detailing, plus classic vehicle sales. I enjoy visiting.
  5. I remember him best as the main character, Tommy Vercetti, in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I've never been much of a gamer, but I loved that one, and played it a ton back in the day.
  6. That green one is super tasty. But the Doka. Oh my. Want.
  7. My new truck has a firm build date now. And for those hearing all the doom and gloom about vehicle supply, note that I placed this order on April 27, it is building June 11, so should arrive here in Canada by the end of June. So roughly 9 - 10 weeks for arrival. That's what delivery times were like when things were normal.
  8. Messed up my right knee doing yardwork on the weekend. Can hardly walk. Feels like it's under pressure, yet there is no swelling. Also feels like something is moving. And there is definitely something making noise in there. It's like a box of Rice Krispies. So it's off to the doc this afternoon, see if we can figure this out.
  9. Also, if one didn't want to wait for the official release...with a little help from the aftermarket....
  10. Yeah, like those goofy rat rods this is "art" and an attention getter, but I just can't wrap my head around why someone would spend their time and/or money and/or parts to get this pile of scrap metal moving again. To each their own I guess.
  11. Would just like to remind everyone that personal attacks on this board will not be tolerated. So after cleaning up two pages of nonsense, and sending people to the penalty box for a while, we can get back to our minor inconveniences. Irks, if you will. Carry on.
  12. If they produce it with an open space there, it could be cool for a V8 or something else suitable bonkers. Regardless, I'll be picking up one for sure.
  13. Whoops! You are correct. "Expect to see the Charger R/T kit late this year with more variations to be announced later."
  14. I'll be buying one for sure. And being curbside doesn't bother me at all. Does anyone really want to build an engine that looks like this? lolz
  15. I saw a post about this somewhere. Maybe Revell's IG account? Anyway, it mentioned that this would be the first of several iterations. So it sounds like an R/T first, and a Hellcat will follow.
  16. I'm a firm believer in the idea of saving a car instead of scrapping it, but I don't understand why anyone would bother with this one. There does come a point when restoring or rebuilding doesn't make sense. I mean, maybe if this car had some sort of strong sentimental value for the guy, but it doesn't appear so.
  17. Realistically, these won't be on the road for another two or three years. Plenty of time for battery tech, charging tech, and infrastructure to improve and make these things more feasible for daily use. *puts on flame suit* Really though, people need to get used to the idea of EV. It's coming, like it or not. Production of ICE vehicles WILL end within the next 10 years. People don't need to be so fearful of change. EVs are not perfect right now, far from it. But they're good, and they're getting better. And no one is banning ICE. All the vehicles on the road now can still be on the road when new vehicle sales are stopped. And gas stations aren't going away yet. Of course, I guess by the time ICE is gone and EV is the only new vehicle option, most of the biggest critics will also be gone, so there's that.
  18. As someone who has been in the auto industry for 30 years, and who ran the leasing division for a major Canadian fleet management company for 12 of those, I have some experience with a lot of different brands: in how they drive, how they break, how they need maintenance, and how much bang for the buck you would get. I'm avoiding trucks, because you said you didn;t want another one. I'm avoiding cars, as your situations tells me you need a little more ground clearance, and something more durable. My suggestions in no particular order: 1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimted - but only get a Sahara (with the tire upgrade,) Mojave, or Rubicon. Stay away from the diesel and the 4 cylinder Turbo. Avoid the retractable soft top roof. 2. Subaru Outback - most Subaru dealers are doing 2" lift kits with tire upgrades. The whole overland scene, you know. The 4 cylinder is good, the V6 is better. Go with the lower trim level, as you'll still get a lot of equipment, with all the fluff. 3. Chev Tahoe / GMC Yukon - 2015 to 2020 - personally, I'd go for a Tahoe LT with the Z71 package. Make sure it has the factory Goodyear Duratrac tires. 4. Toyota - anything. Unless you're 6'6" like me, then avoid the Toyotas. 5. Nissan Frontier - as good as a Toyota, without the Toyota attitude.
  19. If you guys like that, then you'll be enjoying an upcoming issue of MCM. Anyway, Martyn's work is amazing. I've been following him on IG for quite some time, and have chatted a few times. Not only an amazing builder/artist, but a good guy too. I mean, he IS Canadian after all!
  20. Article by NASA says it's "less than 1 metre" tall. So under 3ft.
  21. Spare parts and decals I keep. They all end up in a box for future use. Or to help people out here. As for instructions, I have no idea why I keep them, but I do. I also cut the end off of the box and keep that with the instructions. Then the rest goes into the recycle bin. I can't imagine any scenario where I might need the complete box. Same for the instructions for that matter. But I keep them anyway.
  22. Like Tom above me here, I think this 7-Day Build idea. I get frustrated when building sometimes because things just seem to drag on as I add one more detail or tweak one more part. If I just calmed down and built it, I might actually make a dent in the stash! I think I'm going to try this. And the Torino is looking good!
  23. One of my fav Ferraris. Love the colour choices!
  24. Was manning the booth at a tradeshow all weekend, and yesterday included a carshow. Not as big of a turnout as I was expecting, but some nice stuff there. I didn't take pics of everything, as I recognized a lot of the cars from other shows. Good use of a frunk on a new Mustang MachE I don't know what this is. But I like it. Hudson of some sort. 1985 Mustang SVO. Love this one. Charger. Didn't really look around back, so not sure the year. I think it's a 1970, because of the front grille? Dead mint 1988 Ford Wagon. Want. Chev truck. Something I noticed on this. So when I built my version of the kit, I tried to smooth out what I felt were mold lines and seams. Turns out, there are seams on the front that are supposed to be there. Another super nice CHarger. Factory sunroof. GTO Firebird El Camino Old Jag. 1971 Chevelle 1975 Ford The dealership I work for sold this one new in 1975. Family owned ever since.
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