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  1. Great work!!! Love the colour!!! Hopefully he'll give you the GT500 to build after seeing this beauty!!!
  2. Great work! the union jack looks awesome!!
  3. Good to see another Kiwi here!! If your on FB check out 'Miniature petrolheads'
  4. Stunning work mate!!! Looks incredible!!!
  5. Awesome! Look forward to this! How are you going to paint the gold chrome?
  6. Great work so far!! Molotov sell a spraycan chrome which is the exact same stuff in the pens, or they also sell refills which can be airbrushed.
  7. & the beast has a heart!!! Great weekend, managed to make heaps of progress, engine bay is pretty much done, front subframe is at correct ride height, engine clears the hood, exhaust tunnel was bored out, intercooler mounted in correct spot with radiator too! Next up is mounting the turbos & exhaust
  8. Great Work on both!!!
  9. The Rarest kit I have would be Fujimis 1/12 Veilside R1 Streetdrag Nissan GTR. I brought it off a guy who used to work for the company that imported models etc into New Zealand, he added it to an order for himself but never got around to it, 7 years later neither have i really... Ive done a few bits & pieces on it, mostly reworking the front bumper. Its a plastic 1/12 GTR kit with a resin body kit that needs to be added on, Lots of work ahead!! I have been collecting parts for it over the years, like 3D printed turbos, PE stuff etc. Hope to build it soon.... I also have the Scale Production resin Eleanor kit, which is pretty rare, brough this 10yrs ago & painted it 6 months ago, still lots to do on it.
  10. Great job Rob!!! Looks fantastic! So the Soviet Silvia finally has an engine bay!! Just working on the rear seat delete, this area & under the seats will most likely be covered in "carpet" for comfort & sound deading for the long journeys ahead! Almost ready for paint!!!!
  11. USCP have just released theirs. http://uscp-ua.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=450
  12. Great work & great pics too, looks amazing!!!
  13. Great work! Love Jon Sibal, great artist!
  14. Wow thats Stunning!!!! Great Work!
  15. Very cool build! Love what youve done!!!
  16. Beer doesnt last long enough in my house to be useful for anything other than its intended purpose, Sorry Isoproypl Alcohol is what I used to strip the paint.
  17. Looking good!!! Love the Reventon, I'm planning on building another now that you can get the special colour used (last time i settled for a NFS police version), so watching closely!!!
  18. Cheers Mate! Went a little crazy with the Dremel over the weekend!!! Got the molded in engine bottom & exhaust sanded off the chassis, also after soaking in IPA for 2 weeks I managed to get most of the paint off of my old GTR engine bay & engine, that will serve as engine & engine bay for this build. Working on the best way to mate them together.
  19. Hey Guys! Loving the Gulf truck, that's awesome!!!! I've been working pretty hard on getting the interior of my Soviet Silvia done, while it doesn't look like I've done much I've spent the last 2 weeks sanding & adjusting. The Fuju Garage interior set is great but it must've been designed for a Tamiya or Fujimi kit, so quite a few adjustments & lots of "eyeball engineering". Pretty happy with how the main parts are currently sitting so now its time to rebuild the rear seat bucket area without the seat... Ash
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