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  1. Very well done Ian! A fitting tribute to a great car! Have you shown it to Don Kohut?
  2. Ian do you have the decals for the cowl? I have a set( 1/16th scale) for that car if you don`t. You can have them.
  3. Hi went through the forum to see if this question (title) has been answered before and didn`t find anything sooo, Is this kit spot on in terms of body proportions? It looks good to me but I heard somewhere that it could be better. Thoughts?
  4. Great work! I`m sure the ride height will be spot on when you`re done. I remember back in the day people thought the cars were "ugly as sin!" and that they stood no chance of winning anywhere. Roger proved them wrong AGAIN!
  5. Just to clarify, in 68 you could run SS/B by adding weight. Most racers did this if their car wasn`t competitive in SS/A.
  6. Outstanding model! Wonderful paint and stance! I`m a big believer in proper stance! LOL!
  7. Well built! Stance is perfect! Love the color too!
  8. Love the "tin work". Is that BMF? Sure looks convincing! Great Job!
  9. What brand of paint is that? Love it!
  10. My favorite car is my current one. It`s a 1961 Pontiac Ventura 2 door hardtop. I`m in the process of putting it back together for the summer cruise season.
  11. Great paint, decal and trim work! Very well done!
  12. Brilliant idea about the photo copying! I have a kit and the decals and I`ll use your tip! Thanks for that!
  13. Great engine work! Great model! As a side note, I wish Slixx would have done the side decal as a solid white "band" which would make application easier. There might be some bleed through of the blue, but careful masking could make that go away. Anyway, well done!
  14. Keep going Ian! Love to see this in person when it`s done! True craftsmanship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The wheel base is spot on! Nice build! Not to be critical of other modelers that have built these kits, but I find the wheelbase of the standard kits to be a might off especially the front wheels. Looks too short. Anyone else feel that way?
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