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  1. Well done car! If you put as much effort into your other interests you`ll be well satisfied! Good luck!
  2. Love the old school 5 spokes! Big inch rims don`t belong on anything old in my opinion.
  3. Outstanding work! I love old Indy roadsters as well as mid 60`s full bodied fuel dragsters! The most beautiful race cars on the planet in my opinion. I`m afraid my old eyes would cease to function after working on on such an intricate project. Now if someone were to do a 1/12th scale version of that car............
  4. Love the model! Where do I get Curt Raitz wire wheels?
  5. Who made the 3D printed Roof cylinder Head ? I need 2 or 3 of those! Great model by the way!
  6. Nice to see an AMC race car (and a good one at that) once in a while! I like it!
  7. Well done! When I was a tech inspector at my local drag strip, I had the chance to look over an original example. Unbelievable cars indeed!
  8. I`ve developed an interest in these old Indy roadsters. I think that they are some of the most beautiful race cars (along with 1960`s Top Fuel dragsters) ever built! Your work sir is outstanding! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yeah that`s what I was getting to. I don`t have one of the Lindberg kits so I wasn`t sure as to what type of headers they included. If anyone is looking for a set of the fenderwell type, MCW has them available. I have some of the Harts ones as well however I would use them on a pre - 63 Mopar vintage super stock build as they are probably more correct. Can`t wait to see yours finished.
  10. A question. Did that kit include the fender well headers or the ones you used. Love your build!
  11. Saw Dale Armstrong`s "Canuck" race a few times when it still had the roof on it at Shepard raceway here in Calgary. Geez! Am I that old?
  12. I`m not normally an import kind of guy, but your work is absolutely beautiful. I often tell my son these cars are this generation`s 57 Chevy and there`s nothing wrong with that! Impressive power too!
  13. Planning to build Mike Scmitt`s 1964 Ford Galaxie Super Stock drag car. I don`t have a tear drop hood. I checked Slixx and they make one. Anyone else?
  14. It goes without saying that it takes a huge amount of time to do decals from scratch. That said, I have had some custom made decals done from time to time and have been quite pleased with the results. However, they can get expensive. That`s not a criticism, just a fact.
  15. I have a couple of sets and they are not bad. crispness could be better but I think that`s more the printers fault. Colors are okay.
  16. That`s how I like em, clean and not over done! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. VERY NICE! Love the paint!
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