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  1. I always enjoy seeing your weathered models Mark! You have a true talent for them! Never over or under done. Always just right!
  2. Excellent models Anders! I'm not a fan of stock. But, that El Camino just looks so right with those colors! It combined with the boat makes a perfect match! Nice work!
  3. I really like the base look of this model! The hubcaps really suits it even though they're for a Chevy. I have a LWB stepside planned for someday.
  4. I really like this! The colors you chose suits this model perfect! One of the best examples of this kit that I've seen yet!
  5. This is a beautiful model with excellent work in every nook and cranny that you look at! Congratulations on finishing this work of art Francis!
  6. Nice looking little Chevy truck! You captured the '90s perfectly! I've had a phantom cab and half SS 454 idea rolling around for years. This makes me want to get in on one and build it!
  7. With the overwhelming popularity of the '32 Ford, it's Chevrolet counterpart receives about as much love as an ugly stepchild (no offense to ugly stepkids). They're a pretty rare sight for whatever reason. A rodded Chevy seems to be very rare. Even though I'm a Ford guy, I thought it was time to change that. Since I've stalled on no less than five projects this year, I wanted something simple. No details. No major changes. Just something almost box stock. The idea was to build something that someone could've built in their back yard or building back in the day. The biggest change was the engine. I swapped the anemic six cylinder for the 283 from the Revell '57 Chevy Sedan. I had to modify the belt and pulley setup to get them under the hood. The chrome breather from an AMT '55 Corvette and rocker covers from the parts box finished it off. It was covered with the very last squirt of Tamiya Bright Red. On the chassis, I moved two crossmembers to accommodate the engine, lowered the rearend and did an axle over conversion on the frontend. Luckily, I was able to keep the poseable steering. I cut away the bumper brackets front and rear. Then added a spreader bar up front. It was covered with Dupli Color Bright Red. On the body, all I did was remove the spare tire wells, filled a couple of holes, deleted the horns on the headlight bars and made new stalks for the stock taillights (my kit was missing one). It was then covered with Tamiya Semi Gloss Black. The interior is straight out of the box with different sheens of black and white. Tires are the old Good Year SCS's with painted whitewalls. Wheels are from two different AMT kits for the different offsets painted with Model Masters Semi Gloss Black. As usual, I had some trials and tribulations with this build. I'm definitely not a hot rod builder! But, in the end, I captured the look I was after. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Not my best. Not my worst. But, it'll do. Thanx for checking it out! Now I just gotta decide on which of my five previous projects to work on next!
  8. Nice looking little Malibu David! I like seeing different body styles of the popular cars. To me, they're more unique. Nice work!
  9. That's a sleeper! Although I don't think those skinny Firestones would last very long behind that LS engine.
  10. Very nice! If this model doesn't make you want to build a '70 T/A, check your pulse!
  11. Nice looking Impala Tom! That color suits it perfect! As Rusty mentioned, it looks like it could be a factory color.
  12. Very cool looking Cobra! That color combined with the black gives it a wicked look! Nice work Craig!
  13. All that needs to be done to fix that is cut the flange from the wheel. If the wheelback won't hold to the thin side, glue it to the backside of the wheel. They meet anyway once installed.
  14. I've seen countless builds with the kit wheels installed wrong. The wheel has to be pushed through the front so that that the sidewall goes over the larger lip on the wheel. Done correctly, they fit quite well. I have no experience with the tires from the latest version as I haven't bought it. But, I have seen a build of it with the wheels installed wrong.
  15. Revell fixed the tires in the '78 GMC Big Game pickup. So, they should be fixed in the Blazer too.
  16. I would try putting it in a dehydrator if you have one. If not, place it out in the sun. What is QCS?
  17. I now have the engine done and glued in. No details. I just want a simple (or as simple as it can be) type build. I also have the fenders glued to the chassis. I decided to keep the rumble seat instead of turning it into a hinged trunk.
  18. Well, I'll be saving money for the foreseeable future then.
  19. Looking at the decals, it does appear that the front wheel openings are longer than the rears.
  20. Thanx for the photos James! I don't suppose you would know if the "Pull Dozer" comes with the top would you? That's about the only one I have an interest in. I know the previous issues didn’t have it. Just hoping Revell saw fit to put back in there along with the rear seat.
  21. Testors Wet Look clear should be about the exact same product.
  22. The interior is going to be black and white. The dash and floor will be black. The rest will get white. I may paint the square portion of the door panels black. Depends on what it looks like once I get the seat and dash stuck in.
  23. I can see where these would be very beneficial. Especially if one wanted to test color combos. I've seen them before and have meant to get a few to have on hand. But, haven't yet.
  24. It's happened to me too many times. I keep thinking I'll get back to them. But, it rarely happens. This model has given me a hankering to get back in on this old model. It's been idling for about four years. Back to this one! I now have a rolling chassis! I was able to keep the poseable steering on it. I still have to add the pitman arm, steering link and I may or may not add the shocks. I think it's gonna make a cool looking old hot rod when it's done! Right now, I'm mulling over the interior color. I don't know if I should do the stock brown color or white. I'm really leaning towards white. But, it could be too much. It kinda looks too much in the bare styrene with the top on. But, it looks right with the folded down top. I may try an off white.
  25. Not opinions. Facts from experience. When I spray Tamiya over any model (no matter how old or new), I don't have to worry about it crazing the styrene. Can't say that about Dupli Color.
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