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  1. Please, NEVER forget your camera when on the job!
  2. I had a '59 Impala that I bought just for the gorgeous dashboard and those weird eye tail lights! The convertible model went thru 3 changes with a resin body until they released the Hardtop. Then the BMF killed me and there it sits 20 years later. I'm going to enjoy watching you put one together! Here's a couple dash photos for reference
  3. I'm pretty sure I got one's I use to make 3-section antennas on Amazon as noted above. It's 3 sections ... Insect Pin at top then 23 and 27 gauge hypodermic tubes. Base is a 1/8 Al Tube. Tip was dipped in Bondix.
  4. I received issue 206 yesterday, 11/23/2019, here in Lanesboro MA 01237.
  5. Bondic is thick enough to stay where you put it. It will not solidify until you hit it with the UV light. I have used it to fill holes and flat depressions making head and tail lights. I use a toothpic to apply and move it around to fill a mold. It's the best quick filler for small molds. Here is a thread from here that should give you an idea how it works. 1000 uses for Bondic
  6. I can't wait to see this in yellow! You mention a 5-tom Army truck as a possible next ... Those have a place in my heart because of my time in the Army as a Pershing Missile Crewman. This was a 3' diameter, 34' long missile that rode in containers on M54 5-Ton Trucks and was passer to crewman for assembly with a 5-ton Wrecker. These wreckers were pretty awesome trucks ... much more that just the plain trucks.
  7. Don't forget the cost of tape to keep it from dumping your fresh paint on the floor!
  8. I made some tail lights for a 50 Mercury that might work for you. I had cut out the lights to form the same shape as the body curve. I put some tape across the outside and added Bondic light-curing plastic from the inside to form the lens. The lens was then tinted with a red sharpie. This build page shows how I did it.
  9. The hinges look good, I know what you're saying about the parts getting smaller as you go ... it's an addiction we both have to do it all! eheh There's a thread here to my VW Kombi build. I's a 1956 VW Kombi Bus that my Dad had and what I learned to drive on! My Uncle used it as a school bus previously. I's still waiting for a repaint after I cut and moved the molded in rear door hinges up a quarter inch ... see, we are both addicted.
  10. Those gaskets look great, Tom! I should have shown you how I shrunk the window on my VW bus ... same method looks like, only my gasket went inside. ehhe
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