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  1. I checked my local stores to scout them, see what aisle they will be in to save time looking for them in the sale product presentation. The Ypsilanti store on Ellsworth rd had the Lindberg" Big Red Rod" kits at $ 39.95.The price has dropped $10.00 from 6 weeks ago, since people found out the chrome wasn't plated. The store had about 10-12 left when I left. Happy hunting!
  2. OK boys the next sale at Ollies starts on the 29th of October 2020. Their flyer showed Amt, Hawk, Lindberg and Revell? stuff. Get out there and scout those locations early! Maybe they will set up for the ad late Wednesday night! YOU have been notified!
  3. Faust, try J-bar hobbies in Tecumseh, Mi .It is like another Ashbrooks. just off us 23 , 1 hour southwest of Novi, Mi> Enjoy it when you return after the Covid lock down!
  4. sorry Faust, my subscription to auction news lapsed.And since the Covid 19 hit haven't been driving around as much ! I will try to find you a new place to go when and if? this is is all over? Red cedar antiques in williamston, mi is a cool place. hit or miss on stuff!
  5. Thank you, Mr Cohen for taking us back down memory lane! Love it!
  6. Now we need a 50 percent off coupon from Michaels! A 40 or 20 percent off might work too!
  7. Everything "old " is "new ' again. These cars remind me of the merry-go-round cars, that we sat in as kids.Good one lordairgtar!
  8. Welcome, i think i bought parts from you at the Kalamazoo show in May or November, last year.You gave me your e-bay selling name! Guys this man is the real deal and has parts galore for sale at a show! He is a good man!!!
  9. Just bought a Big Red Rod and opened it. It doesn't have the chrome on the tree for the chrome parts.The "chrome "tree is molded in a grey plastic. That's probably why they are 50.00. Was it was a mistake in production and the previous retailer didn't want to eat the returns by customers? Or after J. Lloyd 's divorce they skipped the chrome plating step and just boxed them to sell ? Oh well I guess that's what Alcad or Molotov pens are for !!
  10. Ron cash did a resin model of it as a hardtop Years ago. I don't have any pics of it! OK YOU OLDTIMERS, SHOW us YOUR RESIN STASHES OF IT!
  11. 1969 boss 302 kit chassis should work, also maybe the amt 1967 Shelby gt350 chassis? both kits are at Hobby Lobby now or post an ad in the" wanted" section??
  12. LCDM, go to the hardware store in your area. take the plastic axle with you , ask them for sprinkler markers, or for the wire that holds insulation in the attic, etc. if you have that in Australia? Just walk around a hardware store and look for same size wire, (as your plastic axle) . Also some wire to tie dry flowers together will work. Check out a craft shop for that also.Good luck hunting!
  14. Kurt , the restored car shows a moon tank below the side exhaust. Google Jim Lytle "Quad Al" Dragster , there is a nice Utube video of it!
  15. Snake, build a one of none, Superbird convertible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I see we have a new "Gerald Wingrove "modeler here . Awesome stuff more photo's please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to meet Tim Haugland!!!!!
  17. Welcome Bruce , keep reading and watching here and your skills will improve in no time at all. These guys are the best!!!!We sincerely welcome all our worldwide friends from everywhere in the World , especially Australia! Good day Mate!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Ace/ Bill it has tire/ fender clearance. I think it measures out to1/100 of an inch! LOL!!!
  19. Chris(fat 50) , sometimes the dollar stores have them in diecast about 1/24th scale in the toy section. Try Dollar Tree, or Dollar Castle on Ford road in Garden city, Mi . They get in some weird closeouts sometimes!
  20. I think they are Cycolac plastic? Starting in 1962,1963, or1964? I think the AMT Turnpike slot car set used that plastic for the bodies because it is stronger?
  21. Thank you round 2 for bringing this one back! On the hanger shot picture, everthing is there except the body. I think they retooled a body for it. The awb olds was on the hanger shot also! That is probably coming as well!!!!!!!( down the road)
  22. I have a boatload of 53 ford p/u parts ! What do you need for that bumper? please p.m. me
  23. Againmikewins, Jimmy does make this one .I think its not in his catalog yet? It is a little more $$$ than his regular castings. He will be at the Macomb DAAM show on March 29th, 2020 if you need one!!
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