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AMT Studebaker Avanti 1963


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Hi all!

This is my first model in this community. Model was build 1,5 year ago and it was my first completely finished build.  During the process of assembly, the elements of the suspension, engine, body, interrior were modified. I used some photo etching parts (locks of belts, engine parts, wipers), wire (cables), flock, BMF foil for chromium imitation, Alcad II, Elf headlights, rubber hose cords, string and syringe needle for antenna, 2k putty (mirrors, washer reservoirs). Windows(glass) except for the back are made of transparent plastic 0.5mm. The body is painted with a Model Master Nassau Blue Metallic paint and covered with 2k varnish. The rest of the details are painted with colors from the range of Tamiya and Testors. Interior was build in two-colors. I decided to paint the blue elements of the interior with the same metallic as the body, but due to different varnishes (matte in the interior and glossy on the body), the materials look differently and the interior turned out quite similar to the photos of real cars.














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Firstly, welcome to the forum Mikhail, good to have another Russian modeling genius on board!

Your Avanti is absolutely beautiful. It's a difficult kit to get right, and very few have, but this one is all-round superb. 

Looking forward to more from you.

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Wow - very impressive build. Your attention to detail is exceptional. As others have mentioned this can be a difficult kit to get the doors and other things right. After looking at the engine compartment I keep seeing more and more of your attention to things like the hood release cables and the hood prop. Great use of different colors on the chassis to show each component. I also like the interior details as well.   

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Many thanks for the great comments. I am very pleased that my work was so highly appreciated. I will try in the future not to disappoint your expectations.

Юрий, спасибо! Я давно этот форум просматриваю, вот и решил, почему бы и не показать свою работу и Вас поддержать ;).

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Wow. I am speechless. Easily the best build of this kit I have ever seen, perhaps one of the best models period I have ever seen. Very little to distinguish it from a real car, and stellar photography to boot!

My thoughts exactly. Terrific workmanship.

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That is fabulous.  I grew up not too far from South Bend Indiana where the Studebaker and Avantis were made.  I have driven a few Avantis back in the mid 80's when they were no longer built by Studebaker.  You have built I think the best looking scale Studebaker I have ever seen.  Unbelievable.   

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That to me has got to be the nicest one of these I've seen! :wub:

This kit is not for the faint of heart to get right...........and it certainly takes some patience to get that stance correct which you've done to a T!

I have to ask though............don't the square bezels around the headlights make that a '64? No matter though------it's gorgeous either which way!

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