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Eleanor Mustang - Scale Production Transkit


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10 hours ago, michelle said:

nice work  

Thank you!


10 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

That looks fantastic! Well done!



9 hours ago, Kool Kat said:

Real nice Mustang, and the pics are cool also.



8 hours ago, bisc63 said:

Yes! Beautiful model, and well photographed.

Thanks! All with a cell phone😁


8 hours ago, vamach1 said:

Agree 100% with everyone.  Very nicely done.  Are the wiper blades from the kit?

Thank you! No, the wipers are from MrModel.

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Wow I normally sort of shrug off the mustang builds due to their numbers but man this is the best I have seen yet, they really did mod that one right for the modern streets 

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  • 4 months later...

I am working on Eleanor’s fairy godmother. 😃  Obviously I am taking my version of the Scale Production kit in another direction.  Maybe the Florida heat has gotten to me.  I just ordered the Revell diecast GT500 kit and will probably use the 428 engine from it instead of the 289 engine from the AMT donor kit.


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A buddy of mine was doing some tune up work on a real Eleanor that looked just like your build, he took me around the the block for a test ride before giving it back to the owner, fastest I’ve ever been in a car, you couldn’t have gotten me back in that car if you paid me ! Your build looks awesome!! 

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