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Who doesn't love a mock-up? Let's see yours!


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Moebius 64 Nova SS with Pegasus Shuey wheels/tires with the rears in Pegasus aluminum rear sleeves.I will have to definitely have mini tub the rear chassis as I want the rear to sit lower.



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On 7/6/2022 at 3:31 PM, Mattilacken said:

Have had this floating in my head for a good while. Not just exactly how it would look. But I guess it would be a Vette cart style build.



I like it! Is there a build thread?

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I could probably finish some stuff if I quit mocking up other models! A Moebius F-350 ramp truck I’ve been messing with.Zforcemodelworx 24’ Bud wheels/tires with a Texas 3D Customs Cummins Diesel engine/trans. I will definitely have to cut into the firewall to move the engine back so I will have some clearance between the engine and radiator.



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Not even a mock up yet, just a gathering of parts which I wanted to see if I liked it in reality as much as in my mind's eye. 32 Ford sedan, 32 Grill with 37 Pickup insert from RMoM and louvered hood from @68shortfleet .


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Putting this together for my club's common kit build-off. 64 Dodge 330. Parts box engine and pieces. Tubbed the rear end and pieced together tires and wheels from the 68 Foose Firebird, aluminum rings and some nice BF Goodrich T/A Radials.





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