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1933 Cadillac Fleetwood


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I built this from the Testors kit. When I got it, it was a partiality built glue bomb.

The exhaust manifolds were glued on backwards and the exhaust pipes were glued to the rear axle. The rear axle had broken at some point and was glued back together crooked. They used so much glue that I wasn't able to salvage any of those parts, so this kit is now a curb side.

The windshield frame was broken off and in 4 pieces, so I made a new one out of square stock.

The kit hubcaps seemed way to small so I used caps from a Revell '50 Ford F-1. I only had 4 so I used the kit caps on the spares.

Despite all the trouble, I think it turned out pretty well.







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42 minutes ago, 70 Sting said:

“Pretty well” indeed. Nice job. What paint did you use on the roof?

Thanks. On the roof I used Duplicolor black hot rod primer. I painted it to match my '96 Fleetwood.

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I got a chance to see one of these cars at Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos, Tx when it was still open. I developed an appreciation for these cars because they are nothing short of beautiful. You've done an excellent job of bringing that beauty to life with your model build. This turned out very well Andrew!! 

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