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Just a façade

Modelbuilder Mark

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First project of 2021 complete. This was my first attempt at a diorama in over 20 years and my first to incorporate some weathering skills I have been acquiring over time. This is purely a façade, and there are definitely things that I could continue to work on, but it was just supposed to be a quick backdrop project to photograph my cars. As there are things I wish I had done differently, I will cease at this point and call it done, and take some of those other details I was going to add , and apply to my next one some time down the road.   The brick is styrene brick sheet from the stash, so I do not recall if Evergreen or Plastruct or something else, but it was molded in white. Base is layered Styrofoam, pedestrian door is paper with scratched styrene handle. The garage door is again styrene sheet from the stash so I am not sure of the supplier, with scratched handle from brass. The asphalt is also from very old supply of Hudson and Allen Studio. Two of the pictures are my 6yr old sons' Airfix Quickbuild on there for size reference, and because he was excited to participate. 









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So incredibly perfect for taking photos of your builds!

It’s just the right amount of interest and detail to look super realistic, yet not in any way to detract from the viewer’s focus on the subject - the vehicle you’re showing. Of course, it still provides plenty of eye candy, in and of itself.

It’s not easy to strike that balance when creating a scene to give a backdrop for photos. Awesome job.

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