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What did you see on the road today?

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I like those colors on that one. My friends dad had that same one when we were growing up but it was all in that blue. The family had a pluming/heating business and they were doing pretty good so hid dad ordered it from Ford. It was an F-250 4x4 with all the gingerbread. I have never seen one so loaded. The next time I talk to him I'll have to remember to ask him what became of that truck. The whole family would always hand all of there vehicles down to the next one in the family, so

I'm wondering if one of his brothers got it. I even ended up getting their '72 4 door, slant 6 Valiant. Our family's were pretty close. People were like that back then.

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Nice! My favorite year Mustang in my favorite Ford color. Royal Maroon. Not a Mach 1 but a sport roof done up to look like a Mach 1. Not a big fan of the wheels. These look great with good old Torq Thrusts and white letter bias ply's. Needs a shaker hood and a set of sport slats. Ditch the 2nd spoiler. 2 rear spoilers are for the fast and furious crowd. Not the muscle car crowd.

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Not quite on the road. Just got back from a trip to Colville Washington. Stopped by the Hudson Car,Truck, and sawmill museum. Here are two stand outs.

I've taken an interest in unique cement trucks.This one has a clever drive for the tumbler.




This Chrysler 300 is 100% original right down the the 4 speed and factory delete on the push button drive selector. The intake is one of my favorite designs. 



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