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What did you see on the road today?

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On 8/21/2022 at 11:12 PM, unclescott58 said:

I did not see this on the road, because its not legal to drive on the road. Nor did I see it today. I saw this on Friday, and this is the first chance I’ve had to share the pictures. I was kindly invited this last spring to come to Tom Maruska’s shop and see his latest restoration. I’ve been admiring his work years, up at the Motor Madness Shows, every March, in Duluth MN, for many years now. Tom does some of the most beautiful restorations I’ve ever seen. Including several magnificent Thunderbirds. And including the 1963 Thunderbird Italian concept car. Plus the 1954 Mercury XM-800. Now he has just finished restoring the 1956 Mercury show car, the XM Turnpike Cruiser. And Wow! What a beauty. Much prettier in real life, than in any of photos I’ve ever seen of the car in the past. 

Tom has done his normal marvelous magic on this car. If your interested in learn more about it, you see articles on the work he’s done in recent issues of Old Cars Weekly. Or you can check it out his website at TPLS62@MSN.COM. 

Thanks to Tom for kindly inviting me to his shop, and letting me see this magnificent car in the flesh. Plus seeing his beautiful 1963 Thunderbird convertible again. And an interesting future project he’s working on. That I’m looking forward to seeing done in the future. 












As a follow up to seeing the car above. That afternoon, I got curious and started doing more research on the XM Turnpike Cruiser. I discovered there was a pamphlet that Mercury made out on the car. I assume to be given out where ever the car might appear. I have several pamphlets on other show cars from the period. So I than went on eBay to see if I could find one. And there were several available, so I bought one. It came in today’s mail, and I thought I would share it with you. 






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6 hours ago, Perspective Customs said:

Saw this today in southwest Florida. Had flashbacks when I saw it in the rearview mirror.


Wow that’s amazing.What is a NYPD Crown Vic doing down in Fl?Its strange cause I know here in NY,if you drive a “marked” police car,you have to cover the graphics and the light bar.There is a guy i know from shows who owns a Fox body Mustang Florida state trooper car.He informed me that whenever he drives the car,he has to cover everything,including the light bar.But IMO,Crown Vics were the best police cars ever used.Again here is a pic of my 09 P 71,CV.We blacked out the whole car(no chrome),cold air intake,with a cat back set of Flowmasters.Great car.Beat the snot out of it,and it keeps on driving.



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The wife and I went to breakfast this morning and did a little shopping. I was riding shot gun in her car since it needed gas. We were in line to get on the freeway home and there are two left turn lanes, and she takes the outside lane since we're the only car in that line and everyone is driving like they are on Quaaludes or something. I glance in the side view mirror and notice a white Dodge Charger pulling in behind us. The Charger is all white with the push bars and a slim line roof top lights. I tell my wife and she just smiles. We get the greenlight and she wins the race to the top of the on ramp, signals her lane changes to the center of the 5 lanes of traffic and sets her cruise at 65. The Charger hangs back off of our right rear quarter for a mile or so before passing and going after everyone passing us in the fast lanes like we were tied to a tree. 

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On 8/24/2022 at 9:41 AM, unclescott58 said:

Plus, did anybody notice the extra upper mounted brake/turn signal lights under the rear edges of the roof overhang? Reminds me a bit of the the deck lid brake/turn signal lights we’d see 15 years later, starting on the ‘71 Olds Toronado. Leading possibly later to the third center mount brake light, we’d see approximately 15 years after that? 



Thanks for posting these! I've always had an interest in Ford's show cars of the fifties. Here's the website about the Turnpike Cruiser & XM-800 resto. 


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1 hour ago, RSchnell said:

Thanks for posting these! I've always had an interest in Ford's show cars of the fifties. Here's the website about the Turnpike Cruiser & XM-800 resto. 


Tom Maruska (the owner of website above) is who invited me to see the car at his shop. A very nice guy, who does beautiful work on every car he touches. 

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Stopped by a friend's shop today. They do outfitting on work trucks, and we utilize their graphics division extensively. However, their specialty is custom cars.

Here's a sampling of what was in the shop today.


This one was flipping beautiful, and I don't usually get real excited over cars from the 50s. Something about this one though. And for funsies, that's a supercharged BMW M3 Cabriolet hiding beside it, and that's my truck across the street. 😛




This Toyota is awesome. So tiny though, I can't even fit behind the wheel, let alone operate the clutch, or get my foot on the gas without hitting the brake at the same time! They were just finishing up the graphics on this one today. In progress Continental in the background. Currently no interior.




1968 Charger. Just beautiful. THe GTO to the right just came out of paint. Full restoration project. The GMC Denali to the left just had all of the black plastic and chrome colour matched.



Typical shop view. The OBS Chev in the background has a fully built twin turbo LS. I drool every time I see it.


Must be Belair week at the shop.


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Back to my buddy's shop today.

Chev 3200. It's a little ratty, but I dig it. Could just daily this thing and never worry about it.




And there shop truck was here. It's pretty wild in person. Personally, I would have gone with a more old school bed, but overall it's pretty cool.



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5 hours ago, Xingu said:

Please remember this thread is not for show pics, there is a separate section on the forum for those.

I do realize,& I apologize,however this car just happened to be parked at a local supermarket.The hood was opened,because myself,along with others wanted to see the motor.I can speak for myself..But as i said,i’ve never seen an Invitcta station wagon.

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i left work at 1 and went a cruised PCH down well into the OC.  saw more C8 Corvettes, Porsches 911, and for some reason Aston Martins than i could shake a stick at.  also 2 Audi R8's and 2 Lamborghini Huracans, , and thanks to traffic i was only able to get a pic of this.  a Meyers Tow'd.  not complaining, this is the first time iv ever seen one in the wild.



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Took these yesterday but couldn't upload them until this morning. This is the Kingsland, GA area. One is whats left of a Hudson. The Riviera is at the same business as the Hudson and just up the road is what looks like a Studebaker but not like any I have ever seen. I used to work for an old guy that called them "taterbakers". There were a lot more old cars behind that building but I wasn't taking a chance on going back there. Looked like the kind of place where one could get shot.




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