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  2. Porsche 911 GT2 Road Version-Tamiya

    Very nice build, like the bolt on fender look. Wheels a really good choice as well.
  3. Joe's Backyard Paradise

    I got the black top cut, painted and applied to the top of the tool box. I also got my laptop painted and applied BMF in the areas where the "intel inside" and "Dell" stickers were below the keyboard. I took a picture of a screensaver on my "real" laptop that has my favorite photo of my wife and son at the beach here in Corpus , sized it down to 2% and printed it on photo paper then cut it out and adhered it to the laptop monitor then glued that to the top of the tool box. I also cut out, folded and glued the paper bag for the burgers and fries together and glued that to the top of the box. Burgers, fries and some tools coming soon........ I added a little more to the tool box with the addition of the burger, fries, shake and other goodies. Had to play around with the color for a while on the buns, meat patty and fries till I got what shade I liked. I applied a subtle wash from Mig Productions on the fries to help bring the detail out some and to give them a true "fries" look. So far I'm good with this: Not sure what happened to the sizing................
  4. Holding out for the Greenbrier van, but that is cool looking!
  5. Freightliner COE Questions

    Is this the air pump on a Detroit? If so, where do all these hoses lead to?
  6. Corvair rampside

    It has been interesting to watch the master for this kit evolve over the last year. Michael's work is always excellent and spot-on. The result is amazing.
  7. 2019 Ram

    I can even get you one in forestry green!
  8. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    Tamiya pearl yellow.
  9. new for 2018

    Grease was made 40 years ago, set 60 years ago...used whatever tires they had on hand, I guess....
  10. Another track closing

  11. new for 2018

    White lettered tires are probably a paid product placement. Back in the 90s Paramount Studios rented my 72 Montego wagon to use in "The Brady Bunch Movie" Along with painting my white car metallic brown, they replaced my whitewall tires with white-lettered Goodyear tires. The picture car company said it was a product placement, that Goodyear was paying for the tires to be seen in the movie.
  12. 69 nova revell > barnfind > fully detailed engine bay

    Been missing this one. Anything new on it Rich?
  13. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thank you guys!! Making some progress here and there.... hopefully more soon. First up I made some motor mounts, and worked out the engine placement. Then cut out the chassis pan to accept the frame and engines. Test fitting and opening up the "hood" so that everything fits.. will still need to notch the front for the blower belt... I also trimmed up the wheelwells/body openings, that should all make sense once the axle is in place. Then tossed some primer on the 3D printed tires... one coat and some light sanding .. really smoothed out the grow lines. The wheels aren't quite deep enough yet, im going to work on that. Then mocked up the rear end assembly... need to make links and shocks... but that is the Winters change from RepMinCo, with scratchbuilt spring/link mounts.
  14. love it, I been a vanner for awhile now, I drive a 1975 dodge shorty with cragers on it during the summer.
  15. Hooper & Co Diorama

    Thanks Gary, the new lights make all the difference. I am trying to work out how to produce photographic backgrounds in A2 or A3 size, that will lead the viewer's eye into the distance at the end of St James's Street, and also Bennet Street. This can probably be done, but it will be tricky to get right. Still toying with the idea of having wet roads and wet vehicles, either just after it has rained or during an actual period of rainfall. Looked at some possibilities, some of which are feasible. David
  16. 68 GTX grille

    If you want I can try to model a grill for 3d-printing.
  17. AMT 1/20 '93 GMC Sonoma 4x4

    love it that there bringing 4x4s out, and yes I like smaller scales but the 1/20 scale will be better on my eyes.
  18. Roof Rack

    Sent message..
  19. Thanks guys. You got that right Dan. I agree with you Mark. I like the Dodge trucks also. This one was a long bed and I shortened it to represent my truck as close as I can make it. Dan
  20. What do you drive?

    wow, surprised your Pontiac firefly/GEO metro/Suzuki has survived this long Bill, and in decent shape it appears....them were the '90's "disposable car". unlike the Ronsons of ww2 that always lit, these are like disposable bic lighters, when they did'nt light, you chucked-em... my wife bought a new '91 'fly back in the day. small, cramped (2 big dogs), slow, underpowered (for the mountains in bc anyways..) the econo-ist of the economy cars....but that stupid little thing was dead nuts reliable and cheap. fifteen bucks to fill and could drive to my dad's house 250 miles away on half a tank-$7, yes that is not a typo. put about 300 thousand kms on it then traded it for a dirt bike to my buddy... I remember when they were everywhere, with attrition they are now a real rare site on the road, up here anyways. and the few you usually see are the convertibles's or the turbo fly's yup, looks just like my old fargo, 426. gotta love the way the hood cracks up to 90 degrees out of the way, and the 2 big seats or tool benches under the hood that most people called the inner fenders... and your yorkie is the same as my mom's old '77 that I used to drive as a raging teenager. same engine, 440. used to flip the air cleaner lid over and stand on the throttle- one tire fire for 2 blocks...
  21. It's snowing down in Dixie...

    Yeah, it doesn't take much to have stranded or wrecked vehicles everywhere down here. It seems the DOT doesn't even bother with much road sanding any more, either. I used to get a kick out of going out and driving around...because I could...but the population density is so high now, and there are so many fools who'll go barreling down an icy road like it's a warm spring day (and get all surprised when they crash) I just park it and wait for the thaw. We're all the way up to 17F here, sun shining. A previous "renovator" moron put a heat pump in this place, and it's useless in these temps, especially with the ancient shredded paper insulation in most of the walls. With all my space-heaters going flat out, I can only hold it at 55F, and it drops into the 40s at night.
  22. Super Bee into a wagon

  23. What do you drive?

    My daily drive is a 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 litre Turbo Diesel Automatic with Overdrive and Super Select 4 wheel drive. She's 24 years old and a grey import, having spent the first 8 years of her life in Japan. This vehicle tows a boat and trailer that is 2 tons fully loaded to Cornwall from Derbyshire which is 350 miles. The Pajero has the full Winter package for extreme Japanese Winters, which includes two batteries. Only does 26 miles per gallon. David
  24. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    The Monogram T/A kits has the best looking snowflake wheel in either silver or gold depending on which kit you get. They just look nice
  25. 1966 Chevelle

    what does the revelle tubbed out chevelle have the green one
  26. 68` Pontiac Firebird 400

    Nice build on the Bird, any and all Bird's are kool
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