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  2. thanks for the link, if the shipping aint too high I'll be having one of them
  3. Beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Cadillacs.
  4. First car build in 25+ yrs. Being built pretty much box stock to get my feet wet again! Everything is brush painted except the body which was rattle can with colors I had laying around.
  5. It's not something I'd choose to build, but I admire the perseverance and results you're getting on this. For some reason I imagined these to be quite large at 1:1, but from your WIP photos it appears to be the opposite.
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  7. Just getting back into the model car & truck side of the hobby after a long absence. Have been reading the various forums and it looks like a good group here. I've enjoyed reading the various posts!
  8. Perrrrfect.... πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  9. Wow! Fantastic work there, subtle but clearly comprehensive changes that have given it a great look, and very nicely built.
  10. I built both last century! Mythos looks good in yellow.
  11. Thanks Martin. I have plenty of unusual things on my shelves awaiting their turn, someone has to build this stuff..... I'm mostly with you on the lowering, although when I did it at 1:1 on a Datsun 160J SSS some years ago it wasn't so good. I ended up going through part-worn front tyres at quite a rate due to the negative camber I ended up with, and it didn't drive so well on the bumpy country roads. Worst of all, I couldn't run matching wheels front and rear. Progress during the week: 1:24 Aoshima Toyota Ipsum kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Green will definitely be the main colour, champagne gold around the bottom if I'm feeling confident enough to do two-tone. 1:24 Aoshima Toyota Ipsum kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 1:24 Aoshima Toyota Ipsum kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Sprayed a white basecoat on last night, which went down nicely and just minimal work required before I can get some colour applied. Interior the next big job. More seats to do in this one than usual......
  12. Thanks for dropping by. That may have been the D version, vague recollection. Worked on getting the fairings to fit, filled the gap with styrene, but could have used Milliput putty. Also finding bubbles when I sand down to profile. There is no order of construction in the instructions, sure would be nice to glue all the body parts together, and fill gaps, before painting, but the engine needs to be painted first, so I may have to mask the interior like it's an airplane model. Got both intake scoops opened up, carefully used the smallest Dremel bits on the inside. Started opening the slots at the tail. Found a huge gap is between the engine and differential. Not sure if it's a mistake in casting, but added styrene and lots of superglue with baking soda. Some guerrilla machine work with the sanding stick made the fit good enough. One of several things that Fernando does to help out, which he really doesn't need to in this case, is glue on the valve covers with the pushrod pipes. Some flashing cleanup is required, which is tricky with the thin and delicate tubes, but one side is not glued on straight. I *could* cut apart and redo, but that's asking for trouble. This model is not for the Box Stock crowd. Will review reference photos to finish the engine block. There is no transmission part, it would not be seen if normally built. But since I opened the slots, I probably should do something like a basic block, no ribs.
  13. Nice kit; only goofs I recall were that AMT used the hardtop's cloth-and-vinyl upholstery pattern instead of the convertible's all-vinyl one, and the hood doesn't have that depression in front between the windsplits. Scored a good built-up a while back that needed a good front seat and wheelcovers; managed to get both at the DuPage show. Tom P. laid down a nice gold paint job for me and that's where it sits - guess after three years that paint should be cured?
  14. As someone who saw Chevelles and Beaumonts rumbling along on Canadian streets through my childhood and young adulthood, (and always having a slight preference for the Beaumont), I give you a big "thumbs up" for the work you are doing on this.
  15. Hello Pat , nice work on details !! πŸ˜€πŸ‘It’s not the original gear box, where does it come from ? Philippe.
  16. My latest stuff to come in: Gauge sets from Best Model Car Parts. Great stuff!!
  17. I have one of these Nissan Caravan kits: Minicraft #1713
  18. Does that AMT 1972 Jimmy have two engine choices ? Maybe I'm thinking of their pickup kits ; a 350 and a Mark IV , if I remember correctly .
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