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  1. I like what you`ve done Very nice indeed! To me though, as mentioned in the comments, the pumps are way to big. Question is, where to get correct scale pumps?
  2. Great subject! Nicely done!
  3. Great subject matter! Nicely done!
  4. GREAT work! I`ve got both the Gas Ronda and the Bill Lawton kits. Got some inspiration now!
  5. Captures the look nicely. I like it!
  6. Well done sir! I heard that if you have yellowed decals, you can tape them to a window (decal side towards the sun), leave it there for a couple of days and the yellowing will be gone. I tried it once and it worked well. Just don`t leave them for a week or you might find them cooked beyond repair!
  7. I think you did an awesome job on your modified!
  8. Very nice build of a contemporary Super Stocker indeed!
  9. I like it! Detailed enough for me! Well done!
  10. I like it! I think that kit is in my stash somewhere. I`ll have to check!😉
  11. Looks the way I remember it! Nicely done!
  12. Nice! Think I`ll pull mine from the stash and give it a go. By the way, saw Snake get smoked two out of three to the "Royal Canadian" fueler back in the day. That didn`t happen very often.
  13. I had a hard time believing that I was looking at pics of a model! Awesome!
  14. I like it! You know, the side shot looks like your car could be built into a Bonneville racer as well! HMMMMMMMMM.....
  15. We had Volvo (like the two door) show up at our drag strip several times. Quite quick as I recall. I remember it being a very clean build. Small block Chevy seems to me. Anyway, keep going. I like `em!
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