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  1. Well, since I haven’t seen the whole movie, this might not carry much merit, but the fact that there is so little dialog, and then there’s the awesomeness of the above scenes seemingly lends an intentional profoundness to the statement; “Racing is life... everything before or after is just waiting.” as stated by Steve McQueen in the above portion in the movie. BTW... Ordered the DVD off eBay today👍
  3. Dan, what a cool trailer ... great work on that! Looking forward to watching your Cuda builds👍
  4. I’m 49 years old ... How is it that I have never seen this movie??? I am just seeing this segment for the first time today and cannot believe the cinematography for its time ... it captures the whole raw racing experience so well. Is this the greatest racing movie ever? ... AMAZING!
  5. Hi Wick. Unfortunately I am unable to help you with any of what you’re looking for, but I just wanted to say how cool your background story about this is and that I wish you success in finding what you need and with your future build on it ... it sounds awesome!! Also, your ‘Firestone Bonneville’ request will get much better exposure if posted in this catagory also. I’ll give a moderator a heads up so they can transfer it to here?👍 Josh
  6. You know it ... as soon as some old fashioned guy figures out how to do a link on a computer he feels like he’s on top of the world🤠
  7. Sniffing glue ——— not a good thing!
  8. Yeah, the cable part for sure
  9. I like that color combo Ray ... it’ll look really good when cleared!
  10. I’m lovin’ it, man ... keep up the clean details👍
  11. I’ve gone in here a few times and each time I’m baffled. No matter what I touch (iPad), nothing happens. Any hints?
  12. Thank you, I appreciate that Roy ... I also really appreciate the input from these other guys, as there is a wealth of knowledge between them all! ... I began this build not really knowing that much about the Daytona’s or even much about historical racing in general, so this is all pretty fascinating to me as well.
  13. I’m noting the tape on the steering wheel in this pic.
  14. Between THOSE two color choices I’d say the green hands down. BUT, if you could do a blue like in the picture below, then I’d say blue would be better.
  15. Thanks Rex! ... There’s so much elusiveness reguarding these cars. Kind of mind boggling. That looks like the very first one in that pic above
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