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Grump's First Nova


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Ok, please bear with me, this is my first attempt at posting a build here so I'll try to make it brief and hopefully succeed at posting photos.  This is the 1/25 AMT/ Round 2 kit, mostly OOB other than a Fireball resin Holley, a Detail Master pre-wired distributor and a few PE parts and wires and an enlarged oil pan. I masked and painted the roof stripes because I was painting a two-tone anyways.  AMT/ Round 2 included fabulous looking decals with this kit (Cartograph quality) but, as with previous recent AMT kits,  I seem to have a curse with them fracturing badly when exposed to water.  I even applied two coats of Microset decal restoration fluid on this set and they still self-destructed.  SLIXX came to my rescue on this build.  I tried to build Bill "Grumpy" Jenkin's first Nova stock drag car to NHRA 1966 A/S rules (battery in stock location, stock exhaust in place but headers allowed), but it's hard to find good under hood and under carriage reference photos of any of Grump's race cars so I likely have some inaccuracies here.  Also, I avoided the '666' numbering on this build to avoid that "Damien thing" that my wife would likely bring up....fun build, still not tired of building 60's SS'ers.

Cheers, John










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3 hours ago, '70 Grande said:

Stunning build! Your paintwork looks phenomenal as well as the decal work.  Even without underhood reference I think you nailed that engine and compartment and I think the same thing regarding the chassis... nicely done!

Agree! And congrats on painting the engine black. ;)

44 minutes ago, magicmustang said:

Outstanding build. Great paint work.

I have one in my stash but I am going the easy way out and build the white car version. 

grumpy's 1966 chevy II.jpg

I'm gonna build this one, too--Toy II. But I might put the Super Stock class lettering on it. 

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I like it a lot.  Just for your information, the stock exhaust would have started at the collector end (held on with 1 bolt and swung out of the way).  It would have went to the rear axle only and consisted of fiberglass style mufflers for weight reduction.

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