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Yup, we’ve got snow in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island! In past years we’ve been betting a dusting of snow, yet the last couple of years there’s been more and it’s been staying longer. This year the West Coast has been having record low temps, though not as bad as the Canadian Prairies where it reached down to near 50 degrees Celsius!

Usually wait for nature to melt away the white stuff, today getting ready to go shovel for the third time… 


Happy New Year to all!

Cheers Misha

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Nice to see some winter pictures!

To dark now to take a picture, we have around 1-2h of light now, today the sun "rises" at 10:43 and "sets" at 12:38. I use "" since it not realy that you se the sun this time of year usaly jus see that its blue outside and "bright",  its 14:45 here at the moment and it's pitch black.

Here some random pics from now.

First is me and my 6year old out Snowboarding 11 of dec. during the bright light period. 

Second is from the park with grand mom the 25'th at 13:00 😃

Third is a break while snow bording with both the 5year old and the 6 year old. No BBQ that day but some hot drinks and sweets :P



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That was a pretty weird storm, Xingu. We in Bowie got a bunch too - 10 inches on the trunk of my Mustang in about 9 hours. Funny it didn't seem to be forecasted until Sunday morning. It's clearing pretty fast up here - it was a nice, balmy 35 today.

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Been a mild winter so far here outside Cleveland, only a couple dustings of snow so far..supposed to get some on Thursday.  I really don't mind a big snow or two during the winter, preferable to the polar vortex cold.  I keep telling myself only moe 8 weeks until March...

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On 12/30/2021 at 10:29 AM, Danno said:

What . . . is . . . snow? 🌵

A little difficult to describe, I saw some the prior summer, not around here but in Colorado at high altitude, and only on tilted surfaces. Kinda hard and crunchy, and not warm to the touch. But from what these guys are showing, it's back east at this time of year instead, lots more of it and on flat surfaces for some unexplained reason .......


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We’re supposed to get more snow soon. Right now it is -32C and -45C windchill.🥶 These are some fresh Deer tracks across our lawn. Last week our neighbour called and told us to look outside…there were four of them!


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