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  1. I wish I still had half of the cars/planes I built as a kid but alas I torched them or put firecrackers in them. Of the ones I had, so far I've built the AMT Peterbilt 352 Cabover, Tom Daniels Tr'antula and '66 Galaxie 500. Will be building the Revell front engine Tony Nancy "the Loner" dragster and Revelle '65 Ford GT40 later this year or next.
  2. I posted this in a different section but didn't get any response so I thought maybe it would see more traffic here.......Does anyone know if anybody is making (or can make) the Firebird TA wheels as shown in this pic in 1/16 scale? Also I'd like to know if anyone is making the silver rocker panel "skirts" and front valence as shown in the pic. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the photos! It looks very similar to the kit that I'll be building, right down to the decals.
  4. Tell us more about the Ford GT. Is that the Revell / Monogram kit? I'll be building that later this year. More pics please!
  5. Does anyone know if anyone is casting (or can cast) the Firebird TA wheels as shown in this pic in 1/16 scale? Also I'd like to know if anyone is casting the silver rocker panel "skirts" and front valence as shown in the pic. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Baycolony....I will be building a couple of 1/16 scale '65 Mustangs for my two brother's Christmas presents next year. I want to 'create' vinyl tops for them (one white vinyl and the other black vinyl). Your Charger Hemi R/T is beautiful with the vinyl top. Can you tell me how you created the vinyl appearance? What type/brand of paint, tape, etc. Any help is appreciated! Steve
  7. Very cool Bug! What kit did you start with?
  8. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Looks like I'll need about a week before I get the Triumph finished. After that I'll be building next year's Christmas presents for my 3 younger brothers. Two brothers had 1:1 1966 Mustangs, one red with a black vinyl top and the other dark blue with a white vinyl top. The other brother bought a 1:1 1984 Firebird Trans Am when he graduated from Ohio State and got his first 'real' job. I'll be building 1/16 versions of these cars for them.
  9. Thanks David. I had a 1:1 "basket case" GT6 Mk3 a few years ago that I intended on restoring. The engine was seized and needed replacement, the bonnet was missing, the entire interior needed replacement but the body was virtually rust free. I wanted to restore it to complement my 1:1 1972 TR6 that I finished restoring in 2009. However I soon realized that I would have spend 2 to 3 times what it would be worth to get it into good condition, so I sold it. This 1/25 scale Triumph WILL be completed though!
  10. I got these two for myself for Christmas. When I opened the Ford GT box and saw the instructions, I had dejavu....I think I built this same kit as a kid, about 50 years ago. The Ford GT is my favorite car of all time. Love the late 60s early 70s Mustangs too.
  11. My younger brother had a 1984 charcoal gray Trans AM that was the first new car he bought after graduating from college in '84.. Unfortunately he no longer has it so I want to build one for him for next Christmas. As a starting point I found this 1982 Firebird 1/16 scale MPC Kit: I'm looking for someone that might have or be able to make the decals for the lower portion of the body, hood and C post as shown in these photos: Does anyone have any ideas or leads I can check out? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks Peter! Yes-because of the fitment issues it looks like the bonnet will be up when displayed. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.
  13. Thanks Dann! Of the 7-8 models I've built in the last 2 years the Triumph is the most challenging. A few fitment issues...getting the opening bonnet to fit correctly to the body when closed is difficult. Looks like I may be displaying this one with the bonnet up!
  14. Didn't get as much done this year as I hoped to and not quite done with the Triumph GT6+, but hope to be done with it by January 1!
  15. So more than one pair of twins? Wow! Nice build! I'm currently working on a Triumph GT6+. Should be done in a few weeks, I'll post when finished. That's typical Triumph....parts fall off it when you need them the most! I have a 1:1 1972 Triumph TR6 that I've owned for almost 30 years. Thankfully now the parts don't fall off it too often!
  16. Very cool! What paint is it? Looks close to the color of the Triumph GT6 that I'm currently building.
  17. Safire6

    56' NOMAD

    Very nice, love the colors and the wheels!
  18. WOW that is beautiful!
  19. Very nice! I like the plaid seats.....just like on my 1:1 2015 GTI. Nice work!
  20. Thank you everyone for all your comments and tips! I'll post a few pics here once I complete the Triumph.
  21. Hey guys-I got back into modeling about two years ago and have built 7 models since then. I've painted the 'chrome' window trim on all of these models and while I think I've done a pretty good job with it, I think I'm ready to try BMF. So I went out and bought a sheet of BMF "Ultra Chrome". To prepare myself I've watched and read several tutorials but I still have some questions. I'm building a Model King Triumph GT 6+ currently. I've read that it is best to clear coat the model before applying the BMF instead of clearing it after applying the BMF. Any comments or suggestions? I'm planning on using Model Master enamel high gloss clearcoat. On the windows and windshield trim I'm going to fold the BMF over inside the car. I want to paint the headliner inside. I assume that I can paint over the BMF sections that are folded over? I painted a test sample piece and it appears the paint it sticking OK but not sure if it will eventually flake off?? If I fold the BMF over into the car interior will I be able to glue the windows and windshield to the BMF? Any special adhesive required? (Or can I just use Testors pastic cement??) I've read that some people have had bad experiences with the BMF "Ultra Chrome" and prefer the regular chrome because the regular stuff seems to be thinner, cuts easier and sticks better. Any comments? I'm planning on using scalpel blades from Squadron Tools but was wondering where I can get these instead of ordering them online from Squadron. It looks like Hobby Town and some of the other local hobby places around Cincinnati don't have them. Thanks in advance! Steve
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