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33/36 Ford Coupe

Rocking Rodney Rat

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Howdy folks, it's RRR, I haven't been doing much building as of late, I have been lurking here from time to time. I finally got my cataract surgery done in March, quite a process. Now that I have  my new eyes settled in, I'm back at the bench. The fabled 33/36 coupe is a long term project KK and I started about five (!) years ago. We took the AMT '33 Ford five window coupe body and grafted a cut down greenhouse from the AMT '36 three window coupe. Many other mods ensued not least of which is a tuck in the rear trunk area to reshape the back end. Power comes from a blown Y-Block. Paint is Tamiya black with an overcoat of semi-gloss clear.  The accent color is Tamiya Intermediate Blue  (military color). Lots of buildup pix here: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/3336/  Thanks for looking -RRR (&KK)









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Stance, colours, gloss, all are in harmony. Bravo!

The roof choice is striking, the more rounded rear even more pleasing than the usual 33/34. And the "packaging" in the engine compartment is impressive. 

World-class design and execution. For a guy who had eye problems, this creation sure shows your eyeballs are at the top of the game!


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