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63 Nova wagon (Conversion to a Ute)

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When I first seen this kit when it was re-released recently, my thought's straight away were what a great candidate for a ute conversion.

So sourced a couple kits from Model Round Up, then thought about it for a week as to how to approach things and how I was going to build it.


First things first pick some wheels.


After deciding the wheel's, they were fitted to some new 2mm brass axles. Then the ride height was roughed in. Still need to tweak the front and level things out a bit.


Just how I like them, Low!






Worked out how I was going to cut and re work the roof.


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  • Cool Hand changed the title to 63 Nova wagon (Conversion to a Ute)

Thanks for showing an interest fella's.


Cutting the roof was going to be a bit tricky. So I used a technique I learned from building gundams which made the process easy.

Started with some scribing guide tape.


Layed it out where the roof was to be cut.


Loaded up a 0.1mm scribe and went to work cutting the roof. 








Spot glued back together for a mock and to work out where to proceed next.






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Thanks for the encouraging words.

The technique used on the roof was learnt from Scale Auto magazine, similar to what they used on a roof chop.

On 7/26/2021 at 3:35 AM, Sam I Am said:

How are you going to tackle the RHD?

Hmm, could probably just cheat and do a custom dash. 


On 7/26/2021 at 10:48 AM, Steve H said:

 I’m guessing black for the body colour!

LOL! more than likely, depends how the body work turns out.


On 7/26/2021 at 10:31 PM, Belugawrx said:

what have you decided for the paint work?

Havent decided yet, but as mentioned above will probably end up black if I cant decide on another colour.

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Before finalizing the roof, thought it would be best to sort out the bed first.

So went to work modifying the interior tub.



First up removed the seat.




Also removed spare tyre well


Roughed in the bed walls, wheel tubs and new floor from sheet styrene.


More sheet styrene used to fill on the tops around the bed sides. Still doing rough and fitting work, final finishing work will be done once all is sorted.





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18 hours ago, Dennis Lacy said:

What a fantastic idea! Nice work reworking the roof and very nice work cutting out the seat and scratch building all of the bed structure. Can’t wait to see more!

Thank you very much Dennis, appreciate getting a comment from you.

Im getting some inspiration from your wagon build as to what I can do for an engine. 


17 hours ago, thatz4u said:

Luke, who makes the cutting tool??

Border Model line engraver set.

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Yowza!!!! I'm REALLY liking this one. I like to see surgery and this one has the surgeons skill level to 11! Now you guys (you and ADL) have got me thinking of building one of these little wagons. I have an idea for one...hmmm...I actually have a really old original (?) issue that's kinda clapped out, so I'll get a new one.... -RRR

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