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  1. Hi Adam, I'm really looking forward to seeing this progress. Too bad about the decals, best of luck sorting them out.
  2. Rider

    Mazda 787

    Looking real good, nice detail work. This is one of my fav kits. I'm curious, how many times have you almost snapped off these body parts? When I built mine I snapped each side off at least once.
  3. Really great looking build, nice save. Sometimes the saves are our most cherished.
  4. Really sharp looking Caddi. I like the colour, and great underhood detail.
  5. That is very cool, love the wheels and colour. What are the wheels/tire's from?
  6. Just found this project. Digging it very much, as I have said before, you are an inspiration to building super clean and organized. Good luck with the rest of is WIP. Hope to see the Pantera on the bench again soon.
  7. Wow what a very interesting looking project. I'll be following this.
  8. These all great looking. Good luck with your build Jacob.
  9. Rider

    71 duster 340

    I have to say this is the best of your builds to date, nice job,, keep up the great work. Dig the fender trim.
  10. Super looking paint, and some really nice crisp looking detail work.
  11. Real nice, I like the detail work, great job.
  12. WOW, brilliant work!. I am really looking forward to seeing this done, I dig this stuff. . Wheather you like or hate these paint jobs they command respect.
  13. Cool looking build, very nice work on the interior. I bet it looks even better in person.
  14. Really sharp looking build! Digging the colours.
  15. Rider


    The chassis plate alignment and fit is pretty bad on this kit. The body sits WAY TOO high, and the wheels don't line up properly in the wheel openings, they also sit too far forward on the front and too far back on the rear. The front inner wheel well on the left side is exposed. The saw made quick work of the needed trimmings. Pretty easy to see all the added/changed bits in white styrene. I decided not to scribe door panel lines, not worth the effort. I am thinking about carving out the rear uprights and turn the four vains into two. In my eye the four sections on the uprights look more like a fish fin then a bat wing.
  16. Looking good, really crisp,BMF work.
  17. This is super, love these paint jobs, interesting pattern. I have a ton of that nail transfer stuff too. I thin the glue with ammonia and shoot it through my AB. Really looking forward to see how this turns out 😊. This paint job never got finished.
  18. Man you build some great looking engines.
  19. Really digging this build. Love what you are doing with this.
  20. I really like that blue. The build is looking good.
  21. If it's only their rattle cans being discontinued they won't be missed, I never really cared for them. I do how ever find their acrylic paints awesome for air brushing and brush painting. Also like their enamels for the custom colour range, I simply drain off the oil, and thin them with acetone and run them through my AB.
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