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Found 58 results

  1. My first build thread here! I've been working on the Revell reissue of the old Monogram RX-7. Revell have included parts for both the street car and the race car in one box. Monogram originally had them as separate kits. It's been a great kit, with hardly any flash, excellent fit, and decent detail. It looks and builds more like a modern kit than one that was first issued in the early '80s. The paint is Mazda Sunbeam Silver, custom mixed by Splash Paint, with Tamiya clear gloss lacquer. This was the first time I've used Splash Paint and I was impressed. I've since masked the body and rear window so I can paint the black bits. The cockpit is unmodified. I used black paints with different sheens (flat, semi gloss, mixture of the two) to paint the various surfaces. The kit includes decals for tartan seat inserts. The pattern is also molded into the seats and I'm thinking I might pull them out and hit them with a couple of coats of clear flat or a very dark flat gray so they look more like they have cloth inserts. The carpet is black embossing powder. I stripped the chrome off of the wheels and painted them Alclad White Aluminum and then hit them with a clear coat. I still have to paint the engine, engine bay details, and tires, and then it will be time to put it all together. Comments welcome. Thanks for looking! Ben
  2. Hello people. My next model on my bench that I will post is this. I am going to paint her two tone. Flat red that I used for my trans am and flat black Started the engine sprayed the chassis a few days ago The new tires unfortunately don’t have any side detail so I am going use the insert from my parts bin and use those Probably will grab the front runners from parts bin aswell progress so far Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  3. Kitbash of the classic Monogram Ferrari 275P curbside/slot-car, a 1990 reissue of the 1964 kit, and the Revell 360 Modena Spyder that is sort of a curbside since the hood did not open, but had a window over the engine. Work In Progress I found the 275P at a Phoenix model swap last month, then saw the Modena and it was crazy time. Started Tax Day with a mock up, started butchering on the 18th, worked like a dog until the 3rd at Noon, just before heading up to GSL, 132 hours. I did rush it, could have spent a couple of weeks sanding and polishing, and it would probably would have ended up in the box like a few other projects. I just wanted something different than the typical super dooper shiny muscle car on the table. I didn't have time to write a build document, but had this for the description: Blasphemous and sacrilegious kitbash of a historic Ferrari race car that won Le Mans two years in a row, and another Ferrari that only has a 3586 cc 395 HP V8. Story is, this car was found in a chicken coop somewhere in Venezuela, missing the 3285cc 320 HP V12 engine and transmission, the aluminum tub was badly corroded from chicken poop. The Modena was bought at a tax auction, it was rolled by the drug dealer during a police chase. Built by a shop wanting to do a reality TV show, but never got funding because it’s just a Ferrari and not an American muscle car. Some of these pictures were taken at Page on the way home.
  4. Kenworth Tanker / Monogram / AMT Hello friends ! Today I'd like to introduce you to my recently completed Kenworth tanker truck. The tractor is the Kenworth Aerodyne Snap Kit in 1:25. Matching the AMT tank semi-trailer to the same scale. In the Kenworth I have also made a sun visor, and an insect deflector on the hood. Mudflaps from an old bicycle tube were cut from the front and attached to the fenders. On the trailer there is a lot more modifications done. The tank was covered with chrome adhesive foil from the sauna area. There were still long front fenders mounted, as it is regulation in the US. I have seen these additional fenders on every tanker during my travels to the USA. They are designed to protect against whirling stones from the tractor. A second ladder has been added to the front right side. There are then the red-white reflector strips have been attached. The filling fittings at the pump were provided with a protective box and a tool box to be opened. The tanker has gotten the logo of Union 76 on the ladder at the back. In addition, I have some homemade decals attached. The semi-trailer I built more than 3 years ago, had not yet the right tractor. Have fun watching . Greetings from Jan
  5. Hi everyone, My first finished build of the year. Texas Terry was my favorite driver growing up and I've always loved the look of the Hagan cars and the pre-aerocoupe Monte Carlo SS body. This build is stock, with the exception of Chimneyville Decals. Overall, the kit was a nice, fun build. I used Tamiya rattle can for the body and chassis. I went for an early season red chassis because I like the bright interior. For the rest of the car, I used Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. My biggest issue was with the aftermarket decals, which peeled on the edges when applying clear. But it's going on the shelf and overall I'm fairly happy with it.
  6. I have always loved this kit back from when I was a kid. I decided to build this box stock and as box art. I did not sweat all of the small details, instead, I concentrated on making a presentable shelf model. The model is actually built but I thought I would share a few pictures, tips and techniques with all of you. This is the kit I used. It is 1991 vintage.
  7. *Had to* get one of these vintage 1965 Monogram Ferrari 275P kits. No, it's not the gold-plated slot car kit, still wrapped. I've been watching prices on eBay, this one was not an auction, free shipping made it a few bucks less than some others, but still a chunk of change. I was surprised about the skeleton racer face. There are three nasty sink holes under the mounting points. The chrome headlights won't cut it for me. Tires are really flat sheen, but not cracked or brittle, but if I use modern wheel/tires that won't matter. Decals are toast. My plan is to kit bash with a modern Ferrari that has an engine and suspension, tub and seats. So will be scouting for a cheap donor. I'm jonesing to do a resto-rod Ferrari, yea I'm sick.
  8. 1982 Trans Am with a 80’s flavor. Engine from a NASCAR kit. And kitbached exhaust from parts bin. Took longer then expected. Body has a warp to it but decide to push on. Hope you like. Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  9. Never knew monogram did the 82 trans am. I have the mpc and revel version in my stash its Molded in red. So this one will be painted red with a grey interior
  10. Just finished this '32 Ford 3-Window Coupe kit made by Revell Monogram. The white fenders were a little nod to the Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech, with an orange body instead of gold. Enjoy!
  11. 80s issue bought for a fiver (considering how rare these are), but it was started with some things glued and tons of parts missing but luckily had most of the main essential parts intact. Had to fab up grill inserts using mesh screening, headlights from a 57 Bel Air, and a parts dashboard modded and trimmed down from a AMT drag car of some sort. Most of the suspension parts were ether missing or glued to bonded mush so cooked up a C4 front suspension and rear from a Monogram Monte Carlo. The V12 flathead engine was glued to high hell and the wonky molded in v8 headers weren't appealing, so in went a Viper v10 with custom intake tubes and radiator. Wheels and Tires were from the Cali wheels issue 57 Bel-air and a 5th extra was found to act as a de-facto spare tire since the kits piece was missing. Paint is Tamiya Clear Orange over Rustoluem Aluminum cleared with future, and some tribal decals were spares from one of the 66 Impalas I built.
  12. This is a '66 Malibu SS (Revell Monogram). The body paint is Testors Metallic Black enamel. The interior is Testors Yellow enamel. I used a Molotow Chrome pen on the windows. On the rear chrome I painted with Model Master flat black acrylic, and then used a toothpick to scrape off the raised letters. The lettering on the tires was originally flat white enamel, but I found after 2 weeks that it never dries. I rubbed it off with thinner and repainted with white acrylic. I used flat black acrylic in the radiator and on the engine heads. I put a coating of Future on, but didn't think it was glossy enough, so I kept layering on coatings until it became a big mess. Then I sprayed it down with Windex and ran it under the sink faucet and all the Future rubbed off easily. But not before I accidentally scraped up some of the paint. Two coatings of Future with a Q-tip eliminated almost all the scratches. This model has a poor design for fitting parts together. The side frames for the engine actually interfere with the exhaust pipes. I had a really tough time with that. Also, I had a tough time getting the front to stay on and had to end up using superglue, which unfortunately shows up on the seams. The workbench thread is here.
  13. I've been working on this '66 Malibu SS by Revell Monogram. The painting is mostly done, and I've just started assembly. The kit called for a gloss black exterior and red interior. I'm using a metallic black exterior and yellow interior. The trim is done using Molotow chrome pen.
  14. Well I just finished this for a April build off on another group. Here's a list of mods: Monogram Chevy s10 "waverider" Mechanical mods: - 5.3l LS swap - 6.2l escalade intake - A/C and heater delete - Custom motor mounts - Custom intake - Exhaust modified and custom tip - Lowered suspension (front springs and block in rear) - Notched rear frame for rear axle clearance - Big brake upgrade front and back - Aftermarket 19in wheels Exterior mods: - Shaved door handles - Shaved tailgate and rear end - Shaved gas door - Custom roll pan - Flip down hidden license plate - Hood and bed cover have scratch built functioning hinges - Shaved firewall - Bed cover smoothed and spolier removed - Custom two tone pearl white and gunmetal with red accent stripe Interior mods: - 65 Chevy truck dash narrowed to fit - 69 camaro buckets seats narrowed to fit - 99 Chevy Silverado door panels modified - Stock center console modified to be a 5 speed - carpeted floor This kit had some cool custom mini truck parts but it needed updating and so I think I achieved what I wanted. Thanks for looking.
  15. Which 1/24-1/25 scale kit(s) would be the better choice for a project? My goal is to replicate a GT model Mustang with today's wheels/tires/drivetrain via bashing/aftermarket.
  16. Monogram Early Iron release, molded in yellow and tan. Polished plastic for the yellow parts. Added some acrylic buff to the wood panel sections. Started in 2007, pulled out of mothballs last week and completed. Box stock except for Modelhaus mag wheels and Firestones. A fun build. More pictures here: Fotki Album
  17. This is a 1:25 Revell Monogram kit of a '67 Corvette 427 Roadster. This is one of many kits generously given to me by a friend from work. It turned out almost exactly as I imagined it. The only differences were the omission of the white hood stripe and the redline tires. The decals were really old and had been stored in a garage with poor air conditions. Some of the decals disintegrated in water. I found a product online, a brush-on film for preserving old decals I can use on future models. Most of the parts under the hood and in the interior have a color scheme based on Corvette part pictures I found online. The Workbench thread is located here:
  18. Here is my first completion of 2018. This is a very old Monogram kit, probably 1963 or 1964. In all likelihood the model is older than I am. That being said, the model went together much better than many much more modern kits I have built. I had some trouble getting the relationship between the front fenders, hood side and top panels and radiator to fit properly. Otherwise this model was an absolute joy to build. I did struggle with the paint but that was more of a user error problem than any issue related to the kit. There are still four small things I plan to finish; I will be detailing the up-top and will occasionally use it, I am working on a license plate for it, I plan to add a speedometer decal (which I have ordered) and I need to do a small amount of detail touch-up painting. I am very satisfied with this model but do wish I could have added Ford's double whitewall tires (whitewall on both inside and outside surfaces). Many reference photos show these cars with such tires, even from the factory. Unfortunately, the tires were so hard that I had to soak them in boiling water for 5 minutes before I could get enough give in them to get them over the very, very brittle spokes of the wheels. That being said, I did not want to paint them, then soak them in the water as did not thing the paint would last. This is a mostly out-of the box model except for minimal engine plumbing. I hope you enjoy this completion of a unusual, factory stock '34 Ford Cabriolet by Monogram. Thanks for looking.
  19. Monogram didn't specify a model year for its 1/24 scale Trans AM Pontiac kit, but I think their was intent was that it could be built as either a '77 or '78, depending upon which hood bird decal the builder chose to apply. Here's a look at the original issue, kit number 2247, from 1979, courtesy of various eBay listings: I never realized two hood birds were included until just now, but it does appear both '77 and '78 style birds are included: But wait!, there was also a companion Trans Am Street Machine kit, number 2258, also released in 1979, which featured a custom nose piece, hood, six-spoke wheels, bucket seats, turbocharged induction system, and "Turbochief" decals: The stock version has been reissued a few times since 1979, and now exists as a 3'n1 kit, shown below in the "Warbird" box: The Street Machine version was only issued once, and never seen again... not necessarily a bad thing.
  20. I got started building weathered street rods years ago after reading an article titled "Beaters" by Pryor Passorino in Plastic Fanatic. Since then I've been learning techniques from the military guys and applying them to my hot rod efforts. My latest will be based on the venerable Monogram '36 tool that has been around since I was a kid. I'll be using the Revell 2 in 1 "Car Show " version. Getting the proper stance is no more difficult than substituting a length of evergreen channel for the stock front crossmember. The rear is already perfect. Floquil rust applied to the whitewalls provides a more realistic yellowed appearance. I used the salt and hairspray technique to accomplish the rust spots. I used Testors enamels and Pantene hairspray. The body is first airbrushed with Testors rust, followed by and application of hairspray and a dusting of salt in the desired areas. There are a million Youtubes demonstrating this technique. Next comes a layer of flat white followed by the color which is a 50:50 mix of green and blue metal flake. Finally the salted areas are sanded with 400 grit. I will follow all of this with a layer of Testers Dullcoat. I've decided to go hoodless and will install a blown flathead. More to follow.
  21. folks, Any word on the re release of the old Monogram "Black Widow" T truck ?
  22. Full build review of the perennial favorite Tom Daniel Beer Wagon. Built just like the box art. Still an awesome kit time after time. Eventually I want to do a beat up weathered one to sit beside it.
  23. Modified Monogram Tom Daniels California Vette Paint is Duplicolor Electric Red metallic
  24. This one has a few little issues to be taken care of (radiator cap, black paint on ends of rear axles where they're exposed, mis-alignment of driver's side interior panel(doh!), but it's pretty much done. The build began in September 2011, and it's progressed in fits and starts since then. Thanks to Acecargarageguy for transmission advice (way back when), and Eric Macleod for trading me a box of old Monogram and MPC tires. They worked out very nicely. A few notes on the build and parts: -Monogram '30 coupe, chopped, wheel wells/bead detail added, Revell '32 5w louvered trunk modified to fit, cowl light and gas filler holes filled. Beltline trim added in half-round styrene and strip plastic. Windows made from overhead projector sheets. -Revell '32 5w interior, brush painted in thin layers of acrylic reds to mimic oxblood leather. Piston shifter and '40 Ford dashboard from same kit. AMT '40 Ford steering wheel. -Floor modified to match width of 1/24 Monogram body. Scratchbuilt trunk floor and interior. -Styrene trunk lid detail and hinges. Gas tank from Lindberg roadster pickup, parts box cap. -Modified Revell '32 frame. Front crossmember moved forward to lengthen wheelbase, Revell '37 Ford PU X-member, Monogram '30 rear crossmember, custom transmission crossmember. Original molded-in floor removed from frame. Friction shocks added from Revell '29 Pickup. -Firewall footwells flattened for engine clearance, scratchbuilt fuel blocks (styrene, hypodermic needle pieces) -Modified Revell '37 Ford axle (dropped, ends filled, posed steering). Scratchbuilt drag link. Pitman arm from Revell '29 Tudor. Metal mono-spring on '29 spring hangars, scratchbuilt radius rods with early style rod-ends. Revell '50 F1 pickup steering box. -AMT phantom Vickie headlight lenses and bezels on modified AMT '40 Ford "Rides" headlight buckets. Headlight stands are cut-down AMT Double-T parts. Taillights are Revell '37 ford with aluminum tube bezels and lenses made by melting red styrene into the bezels with liquid glue. Taillights have 5-min Epoxy on top to give them a domed shape. -Monogram '32 ford roadster '40 Ford-style brake backing plates, plumbed with partial brake lines. -AMT '53 Ford PU Desoto Firedome hemi engine. AMT '57 corvette T-10 transmission with custom JB weld adapter (ha!). Stock exhaust manifolds adapted to side exhaust dumps made from sprue to imitate exhaust pipes made from cut-down '30s Ford torque tubes. Scratchbuilt "U-fab" style intake. Carbs from '53 PU dechromed, split (they're molded in pairs). Parts Box resin intake scoops modified and re-cast, painted with Alclad. Fuel lines are clear stretchy beading wire coated with a red sharpie. Carb linkage made from thin wire crimped on the ends. Scratchbuilt stock-style valley cover and alternator bracket. Scratchbuilt thermostat housing/water hoses between intake and radiator. -aluminum driveshaft with slip joint. Rearend is a quickchange (double dragster?) combined with axle housings from Tweedy pie (I think). -Front tires are Revell '37 Ford PU. Wheels are Revell '32 5w kit's 40-Ford style pieces with AMT '40 Ford "Deluxe" cap on one side only. -Rear tires are MPC '31 Chrysler with modified Monogram '41 Lincoln wheels ('40 ford center lug detail spliced into the Lincoln wheels) -Door handles from Revell '30 Ford touring. License plate from '30 Revell Ford Woody.
  25. Hi Everyone, I am not a big poster on this board, but I do visit every day and enjoy looking at the great builds and checking out the latest news and how to's! Anyway, never posted on the trading post before, but I thought I will give it a try. I have a Monogram Big T that I bought cheap a number of years ago with the idea of building it as my version of the Big Drag. It is actually the "Golden T" version which, for those who don't know, is a gawdy 70's fad T version with all gold plating. This was a semi built up and I got it cheap. I gutted it down to the main body and frame. It had the custom cut down pick up bed from the Golden T, but I was able to get a turtle deck for next to nothing in a lot of parts. I set about gathering other vintage parts to complete the car. I have a 283 Chevy from an original Big T, a set of the original skinny whitewall front tires and matching original WW slicks. I have a Lindberg Roots Style 6-71 supercharger and an intake I will adapt to work. I also have a set of the drag style headers. I have seen the 1/8 Monogram drag parts pack, with the roll bar, moon tank, etc., but it always goes for way more than I want to spend considering the low buck nature of this project, plus I hate to use a mint example on this project because it will represent a typical 60's drag altered and not a show rod. My current plan is to scratch build a roll bar, tow bar and any other little stuff as necessary. I have a Moon tank from a Lindberg Exterminator dragster. If anyone has the parts pack parts in used conditon, I would be greatly interested. I also need wheels! I am looking for the mags that came with various issues of the Big T kits. I don't care if they are vintage or new issue. Also would be interested in the chrome reversed wheels or bare steel wheels that came with the various Big T versions, I am not really concerned with the quality of the chrome plating and they can certainly be used, as long as they are complete and usable. At this point, I have a set of 12 spoke spindle mount wheels from the Exterminator dragster that look like they will fit the Monogram tires with a minimal amount of work, but I am on the fence on whether I want to use them or not. I would rather use Monogram wheels if possible. If you are interested in trading let me know what you are looking for, maybe we can work something out. I am always interested in other Monogram Big T and Big Deuce parts too, as I have a couple more ideas for projects after I get this one done. An help appreciated! Thanks! Larry
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