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  1. Here's another project that's been sitting around here, for a couple of decades. Interestingly, it's yet another Monogram model, as well! I gave consideration to redoing the California Street Vette, once the Mack was completed, but decided to go into the current quarterly "Bring Out Your Dead" thread, with this, instead. This was begun probably before the turn of the century--although I don't recall when, exactly. Since I took it back out of the box in pieces, I have done some work to the chassis. I added bottom frame tubes, and rebuilt the side bars in the cockpit, along with the fuel tank support/brackets. I'm not completely decided, as far as wheels. I like the dished Halibrands (I think that's what they are), but the two-piece wheels look cool, as well; Those, however, will need to be narrowed. I've made molds, in case I choose that direction, since I only have the pair, as well. I had already selected a set of nice Corvette valve covers for the car, so I will use them. Hilborn fuel injection. Quick-change rear from a Monogram sprint car. Although it's too small, I am using a steering box from one of the old MPC funny cars. It's not all that visible, anyway, and it fits! I removed the kit firewall and replaced it with aluminum flashing. I also removed the hood. I want to make it from flashing, as well. It's curvier than any sheet work I have done, before, so it will be a nice challenge! If that goes well, I may attempt the nose, as well. I'm unsure of the origin of the rear tires. I think they may be from an AMT Lotus or the Willard battery car. The fronts look like AMT's from the early '70s--they look like the tires from my original Pepper Shaker--and they may well be! I started work on a new front spring and axle. The headers will need to be redone, between the ports and the dumps. Since these photos, I have notched the lower firewall to clear the lower chassis tubes, removed the nose from the hood, and filled that hole on the right rear cage upright with acrylic nail resin. Speaking of the spring assembly: I've known this for a couple of years, now, and have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating--in bold Italics!: There is no better way to precisely apply liquid plastic cement (NOT superglue--MEK, etc.) than an insulin syringe. None! Don't tell me "I like this", or "I prefer that". There is absolutely no debate! 😉 Using the plunger, you can push out the tiniest drop of cement. Just touch the joint with that, and you're done. Need another tiny drop? Just squeeze out another, and go. No mess. No excess. Need to flood it on? Hey! That syringe has you covered. Anyhoo, without further ado... As always, questions, critiques and comments are welcomed and appreciated! Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi All. Thanks for the kind words about the other models that I've posted. I've built 7 models in the past year (in this, my second, phase of model building ) and I'll go ahead and post them since you've all been so welcoming. This model started out as a Monogram stock '30 Ford Coupe that I began as a chopped hot rod many, many years ago. Since I've gained an appreciation for rat rods and patina cars I went in a different direction to finish this ride (plus I don't think I could really live with a rat rod in 1:1 scale). I chopped the roof a little more. The 6-cyl came out of the Moebius '53 Hudson Hornet kit. The z-d frame was scratch-built from styrene. Thanks for looking. All of my models built during the past year have names appropriate for the times; this one is "Infectious".
  3. Here’s my latest, an ‘83 Mustang GLX convertible by Monogram. This is a fun little kit that goes together pretty well. My only issues were due to this particular kit’s rough shape, and the up-top and frame being slightly warped. Also the rubber tires were rock hard so I had to hog out the insides to get the wheels to fit. I built it mostly box stock with some metal transfer emblems added. The body is painted Tamiya TS39 Mica Red over TS30 Silver Leaf, and the interior is Tamiya XF55 Deck Tan, with one coat of Pledge gloss over the body, up-top and parade boot. It’s not perfect, but this is my best paint job thus far! So I’m very happy with this one.
  4. Quarantine build - vintage Monogram kit from 1990. This may be on of the finest kits I've ever built.
  5. Been on a bit of a stock build kick lately so I decided to change things up a bit. Since I’ve been sitting on 2 of these kits, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with one of them. The purist may want to avert their eyes. I didn’t do much more than lower the ride height and slap on some Pegasus disc brakes/wheels and tires. Anything that was chrome or is supposed to be chrome has been treated with Alclad Black Chrome; something else I wanted to experiment with. The paint is Model Master Gloss Black, decanted and airbrushed with ScaleFinishes 500 clear. This was my first crack at a solid black paint job. Looks good from 6 feet away, but I’ve got beaucoup room for improvement. Comments, questions, pointers and critiques are always welcome. Thanks for looking. Namaste.
  6. Here are my two builds from the beginning and end of the long running third generation Mustang Fox Body. MPC’s 1979 Mustang Turbo Hatchback and Monogram’s 1992 Mustang GT Convertible. Enjoy!
  7. Here’s my Monogram Ferrari 308! It was an early release, sealed, bagged no-box kit from eBay, molded in red. It’s a curbside kit but it goes together great and has some decent detail. This was my first attempt at the Bare-Metal-Foil-before-you-paint-it technique for the emblems, and it didn’t come out great for the deck lid Ferrari script or the side Pininfarina badges. I think I’m still laying my paint on way too thick, so there wasn’t much of a raised script left to strip the paint back off. Anyways, I think it turned out well enough for my shelf, and lessons learned for the next one!
  8. Started to head a bit off track in the AMT 1936 Ford thread, so starting this one on the Monogram kit. If anyone wants to add in information on other issues of the Monogram 1936 Ford, please feel free to do so. Going by the instruction sheet this issue of the kit was offered in 1974, a convertible only version of an older 6 in 1 kit that builds a custom 1936 Ford. It does not come with stock wheels or engine. Replacing those items would appear to allow a factory stock car to be built from the kit. The instructions say the kit engine is a 1948 Mercury with a 3 carburetor set up. It can be built top up, or top down. The rumble seat appears to be designed to be movable allowing it to open and close. The Monogram and AMT kits build different convertible top vehicles. The Monogram kit builds a convertible or cabriolet, the AMT kit can be built as a roadster. The convertible was a higher end vehicle with roll up side windows for better protection from the elements. The Roadster has no side windows and uses a different windshield which includes wind deflectors on either side. The kit
  9. Here is my Monogram “1992” Mustang GT Convertible. I built this kit as a color scheme tribute to my 1:1 Mustang, a 1993 2.3 LX. My original idea was to kit bash this GT with an SVO or ‘83 GLX to create an LX ‘vert but all three of these kits are expensive on eBay today and I just don’t have the skills or stomach yet to cut up two $40-$60+ kits ?. So I settled for my car, but as a GT! I used Swarovski Crystals (meant for ladies’ custom nails) from Hobby Lobby to simulate the headlight and turn signal bulbs. And I used the actual belt line stripe tape left over from my 1:1, cut down for the 1:24 belt line stripe. To do those blasted cheese grater taillights, I painted them all white first, then used silver and red gel pens to color the lens sections. It’s a little sloppy but looks good enough. I messed up the clear coat on the hood too so I’ll have to repaint it at some point but it’s not that noticeable in these iPhone pictures ?. You’ll notice that the parade boot is grey when it probably should be white or blue. But my 1:1 came with a grey boot so I painted this to match! The previous owner also shaved the trunk luggage rack so I did the same here. I’m very pleased with this one and can’t wait for a nice day to photograph both cars together!
  10. I got started building weathered street rods years ago after reading an article titled "Beaters" by Pryor Passorino in Plastic Fanatic. Since then I've been learning techniques from the military guys and applying them to my hot rod efforts. My latest will be based on the venerable Monogram '36 tool that has been around since I was a kid. I'll be using the Revell 2 in 1 "Car Show " version. Getting the proper stance is no more difficult than substituting a length of evergreen channel for the stock front crossmember. The rear is already perfect. Floquil rust applied to the whitewalls provides a more realistic yellowed appearance. I used the salt and hairspray technique to accomplish the rust spots. I used Testors enamels and Pantene hairspray. The body is first airbrushed with Testors rust, followed by and application of hairspray and a dusting of salt in the desired areas. There are a million Youtubes demonstrating this technique. Next comes a layer of flat white followed by the color which is a 50:50 mix of green and blue metal flake. Finally the salted areas are sanded with 400 grit. I will follow all of this with a layer of Testers Dullcoat. I've decided to go hoodless and will install a blown flathead. More to follow.
  11. This is the Hasegawa boxing of Monogram/s 1/24 kit, with additional white metal parts by Fine Molds. First up, the body in Zero Paints Guardsman Blue, with Zero 2K clear coat. This is as she came out of the paint shop. There are a couple of minor blemishes to polish out, but other than that I don't plan on doing any more "added shininess" Here's a few of the engine in progress, to compare and contrast the original and Fine Molds parts: And this young lady will be popping in from time to time in this thread. She's a Master Box figure, from their new "Pin-Up" series: Loads more work to do on her as well, but she's very nicely sculpted... ;-P bestest, M.
  12. Scalper

    53 Chevy

    Model started off as something to do while on vacation in Montreal a few years ago completed it a few weeks ago supposed to look old and that but this is how it ended up turning out thanks for looking
  13. Finished this one last night. Monogram's 1/24 Mercedes-Benz 450SL, from 1976. A very nice simple curbside kit. I hope you like it.
  14. Kenworth Tanker / Monogram / AMT Hello friends ! Today I'd like to introduce you to my recently completed Kenworth tanker truck. The tractor is the Kenworth Aerodyne Snap Kit in 1:25. Matching the AMT tank semi-trailer to the same scale. In the Kenworth I have also made a sun visor, and an insect deflector on the hood. Mudflaps from an old bicycle tube were cut from the front and attached to the fenders. On the trailer there is a lot more modifications done. The tank was covered with chrome adhesive foil from the sauna area. There were still long front fenders mounted, as it is regulation in the US. I have seen these additional fenders on every tanker during my travels to the USA. They are designed to protect against whirling stones from the tractor. A second ladder has been added to the front right side. There are then the red-white reflector strips have been attached. The filling fittings at the pump were provided with a protective box and a tool box to be opened. The tanker has gotten the logo of Union 76 on the ladder at the back. In addition, I have some homemade decals attached. The semi-trailer I built more than 3 years ago, had not yet the right tractor. Have fun watching . Greetings from Jan
  15. Hello. Completed my 1985 corvette by monogram. Box stock build. Left the classic monogram read bare plastic. Painted all the trim free hand. Think it turned out ok. Has some tricky suspension bits. But looks good. Great detail for a old kit. only issue I had with the kit was the taillights molded on the body. I tried my best to make them look good. But I think I overkilled it. Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  16. Another start. Monogram classic ‘85 vette molded in red. Working on the body first. Started painting the black trim. Going to leave this one Bare plastic. Has my supplies are dwindling. Thabks for looking. All comments welcomed.
  17. Monogram Exotics Series 1/24th scale kit. I had originally built one of these, in a failed attempt with a baldy warped frame/interior shell and horrible glass, back in 2008. I had acquired a parts kit cheap at an auction back in 2016 that was missing the body shell and it's pieces along with some other small parts, which inspired me to find the pieces of the original one I had built back in '08. Since then, I had located the body w/ rear bumper glued on, the rear deck with it's spoiler, and whatever remained of the DOHC 4 cyl it had. I always customize my BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH and wasn't going with a 4 banger set-up for the new build. I found a chrome molded Chevy 350 block (which could be from a AMT ZR1 since they had chrome engines and had provisions for a separate transmission) and used the DOHC heads and valve covers from the mint Lotus motor and the built one to make a wild DOHC V8 combination that would look dayumm in the Lotus! I located a front cam/fan belt assembly piece from a Ferrari V8 that fit on the 350 block and mated up nicely with the Lotus heads. I also went with a roots supercharger setup with a custom intake to drive the wild factor to 11. I also added a NOS bottle and headers from some unknown source that fit on the Lotus heads, and made a custom exhaust system using parts from a Revelle Corvett Sting Ray III. From the box I saw issues with the front ride height sitting too high making it ride like a 4x4, so I lowered the front spindles and made adjustments to the rear to fix the truck like stance it had. I also went with wheels and tires from a Revell ACR Viper since the kit's pieces were just tripe. I had to trim around the rear hatch to fit the tip of the motor and intake for the Supercharger, and decided to use the hatch's glass as a molded body piece that also acts as a hood scoop for the motor. Spoiler fit is a bit weird, don't know if it's lazy engineering by Monogram Interior or what, but I think it needed something ether way. Interior is Rustoluem Advanced Formula Flat Brown, and exterior is Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange cleared with Pledge.
  18. Scalper

    64 GTO.

    My GTO is completed. This was a fun build. Had one when I was a kid but. Emcee completed. I am very happy to have this kit again did not come out perfect but I’ll play with it car was originally red then sold. Painted some over. Then sold lastly painted black. Car was far from stock. New owner brought her as close as he could. That’s the story box stock build except for the antenna made with stretch sprue. My build. All comment welcomed
  19. 89AKurt

    '39 ZR1

    Built this so long ago, that all I have was prints of film photographs. ? Since I made a studio to take pictures for the Desert Scale Classic COVID Special contest, put this in the set and took some digital pictures. The first model car contest I entered, had kits for the entrant's package. There was a choice of some hot rod, or the Monogram Corvette ZR1, so that's what I got. Bought a Monogram 1939 Chevrolet sedan delivery, Dr. Feelgoods. Then I spent way over 300 hours to come up with this. Got a few awards with it, one was invented just for me, Paintjob Most Likely To Cause Global Warming. Opened all the doors (with spring latch pins), tilt hood, license plate swings down to serve as a step, moonroof opens, and retractible antennae. Chassis was adapted for the Corvette running gear. Painted with nail 'polish', wet lace technique used in the panel area. Detail Master was a new aftermarket company, used parts for the radiator hose and speaker screens, otherwise everything else is scratch-built. Over time, the plastic used for the glass has become tinted, which is a cool benefit. This is still my best street rod model, and don't plan to build any more (will be posting pictures of the only other one I built). Thanks for looking. ?
  20. Stared this kit a week ago. Decided to post WIP’s again. I think it’s from the first release 1985. Fist painted it silver then lawyer down some black pearl paint. Paint is a bit rough and i scratched the roof. She will have some slight age to her now. Chassis completed plus front and back end. Working on the interior now. Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  21. Monogram kit with modifications as followed: 4.0 supercharged Northstar motor from a failed scrap Revell Shelby Series 1 Wheels & tires + steering wheel from scrap Shelby Series 1 build Resin racing seats Chrome exhaust tips from AMT 93 Camaro Interior paint is Krylon Shimmer Metallic Candy Pear, exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge (aka Future, but goes under 900,000 different names nowadays) Here are le pics, and enjoy!
  22. After over a year. I am pulling her off the bench. Calling it done Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  23. Hello people. My next model on my bench that I will post is this. I am going to paint her two tone. Flat red that I used for my trans am and flat black Started the engine sprayed the chassis a few days ago The new tires unfortunately don’t have any side detail so I am going use the insert from my parts bin and use those Probably will grab the front runners from parts bin aswell progress so far Thanks for looking all comments welcomed
  24. Another thread, two nights in a row. Kind of hard to ignore. My build of a '71 Cuda 426. The paint is model master Sublime green. I started and painted this car in January 2018. My first model build with bare metal foil!!! No looking back now. The pictures do not do it justice. The shaker hood scoop needs to be trimmed down. I just painted it and notice it won't let the hood sit flat. What do you think??
  25. Finally finished the Monogram 1966 Shelby GT350. This one fought me pretty good, the closer I got to finishing it, the more it fought me. I was also fighting some motivational issues, I even put it away to work on my GSX that I posted a few weeks ago. The color is Tamiya TS-51 Racing Blue over Testors One Coat Diamond Dust, and the interior is done in an Apple Barrel craft paint mixture of Gloss and Flat Black. I added ignition wires and used BMF for the window trim. I also used a spare pair of bigger tires for the rear because I felt that the kit tires looked too skinny back there. The next four builds I have planned are going to be NASCAR cars, and I hope to have those done by May so I can get going on some street cars again. Thanks for looking!
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