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3 large survivor models finally photographed


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My wife and I have been packing and arranging for a 'downsize move' and with all the packing of my toy and model rooms (2), I've finally been able to, again, get my hands on a few old models that were in cases, but in areas that were difficult to access.  The models are all large size.....a Monogram 1/8 scale Jaguar E-type,  A Monogram 1/8 scale '65 Corvette Stingray, and a Renwall 1/4 scale 'Visible Chassis'.  These models were all painted and built around 4 decades ago, and relatively inaccessible for about 20 years, but I've now been able to digitally photograph them.  Enjoy!














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They are all beautifully done and you are lucky they survived the move so well. Like you we are unpacking from a move that also was to downsize. I have my fingers crossed for the condition of some of mine.  

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I've known about these kits for some time but I can't recall seeing them built up before. These are all beautifully finished and assembled. The Jag and the Corvette really do look like real cars-just awesome. I bet it's good to have them out for you to enjoy again. I definitely enjoyed seeing your photos! Thanks for posting them Cliff.

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