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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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2 hours ago, PatW said:

Very interesting, I'd like to see in the box at the size (scale) and parts to build the truck. 

I will try and get pics and post in the What's in the box section tomorrow. It's a comical kit So I would guess scale is somewhere around 1/43   1/32??/

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The UPS truck left me a present from Megahobby today. A few American classics. The 29 Ford I have been looking at for a while as well as the Surf Wagon, a couple fellow members recent finished builds made me pull the trigger, thanks ModelcarJR and ATHU! The AMT Cal Drag Combo was a must have,three kits in one yipee! And the Mercury just spoke to me. All will be a while before they hit the bench but the stash just got that much better. 


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I got six 12x24x1 air filters on eBay for my Pace paint booth. The entire cost delivered was $4.50 each. Ordered Monday afternoon and received Friday morning (Va to Pa). 

I’m sharing this for Pace owners because this filter is not a typical size in the big box stores.  Lowe’s had nothing. Home Depot only had high end costly ones in this size.  

The vendor on eBay was not a special vendor, just shop by price, and make sure it’s a quilted style. I copied the one Pace sent me with the unit.

You can also buy filters directly from Pace at $6 each plus $10 shipping per order. That would have cost me $46.

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3 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Please let us know how it is Greg.

It should be OK? I have used it before and it adheres well….unlike the “ultra bright” stuff.

Edit: After re-reading Jim’s thread in Q&A, I hope it is not the newest “chrome” with an older “new improved” label on it! I will test it and report when I get a chance.

53 minutes ago, crazyjim said:

Where did you get it?

From a LHS called Hobby Sense. I saw he had two listed as in stock so I grabbed them. Earlier in the week I got some from another LHS that was listed online as “new improved” but unfortunately it is actually labeled “chrome”.🤨 I did not read your other thread properly or I would not have bought it.

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On 7/2/2021 at 6:15 PM, Modlbldr said:

Got this delivered today and got it blown apart for a rebuild. Going either a stock-ish maroon or dark blue like the two I drooled over back in 79-80.




So what is the ratio between what you are selling and what you are buying? 😎

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On 6/7/2021 at 10:33 PM, stitchdup said:

I got it from a seller in france, on ebay. Its to fit the tamiya beetle kits. If you remind me in a couple of days i can get some pics for you. It has the lights in the body centre rather than the fenders and 4 off road tyres on trailer style steels

Here’s the photo reminder...  also if you have the eBay sellers name that would be great. I did a few passes through eBay but didn’t have any luck finding them. Thanks again

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