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  1. Nicely done! Looks like it was and would be fun!!!!!
  2. Well done. Nice color. Clean build.
  3. Really nice clean build. Well done!
  4. Nice save! And great photography. Well done!!!!!
  5. Two days!!!! It would take me that long to string the plug wires through those little wire looms. Well done!
  6. Very cool! I remember going to Mid-America Raceway in '65, or maybe '66, to see Dyno Don. Always loved the altered wheelbase cars.
  7. Looks like a handful to drive and a lot of fun! Well done!!!
  8. Thank you. Sometimes I get a little carried away and in over my head. This one had a lot of challenges. But that is why I do it and keeps my interest in modeling going.
  9. Bring back Pontiac....please! Nicely done!!!
  10. Way to fight through all the learning opportunities with the paint. End result looks great! Niced job!!
  11. Very cool! Great paint. Love the choice of color and execution. Well done!
  12. Well Claude. You've done it again. Very imaginative engineering, amazing attention to detail, and flawless execution. I'd be very happy just to curl up and take a nap in the frunk.
  13. Really nice very clean build. Well done!
  14. Really sharp! Nice build of the American Sports Car.
  15. Hi Ollie. Enjoyed all your models on your website. Whart a variety! Nice jobs....each and every one.
  16. Very cool! An SHO engine in the boot, Prowler intior and wheels. I think it is a worthy AMBR contender. Very well done and great photography. I also really enjoyed the Missiouri license plate...my home state.
  17. Thanks for the kind words. It was a handful but a fun build! Any pics of your '36 on here somewhere.
  18. As a tribute to the late great Boyd Coddington and his 1995 AMBR award winner, the Smoothster, and out of respect for imaginative rod shops like OZE, plus inspiration from Chip Foose’s very cool Impression, I decided to build my vision of a ’37 Ford Street Rod. Testor’s Smoothster kit seemed like a great place to start. But I planned to lower and widen the body, chop the top even more, and add 20”/21” Brixton UltraSport resin wheels and tires to give it the proper stance. And I’ll give it suicide doors, open the trunk, and hinge the hood to tilt forward. I’ll name it Lowerider, as a play on my last name. Mods include…. · Body channeled approx. 6 inches · Hood lengthened approx. 4 scale inches & hinged to tilt forward · Running Boards – reshaped and Side Exhaust outlets added · Rear of body extended and reshaped · Rear Fenders widened 8 scale inches, and wheel openings reshaped · Front Fenders widened 6 inches, and wheel openings reshaped · Opened and added Suicide Doors · Passenger compartment molded around seats · Roof chopped addl. 2 smoothed and shortened 4 inches · Side and Rear Window openings reshaped · Trunk opened w/ Sheet Metal Ribs & Stampings · Spare Tire, Scissor Jack & Handle, and Gas Cap added · Duvall Style Windshield scratch built · Mini Cooper headlights (borrowed from Grandson’s RC car) · Custom Duvall Windshield scratch built · Taillights scratch built from red sprue · Posable Front Suspension · Coil-Over Shocks front and rear · Retractable License Plate · Seat Belts · Engine - plug wires & plumbed · PE Instrument Cluster and new Dash · Interior and Trunk carpeting brown Embossing Powder · Chrome – Hasegawa Mirror Foil Film Thanks for looking....
  19. Nicely done! Looks like I could hop in and take it for a spin. Excellent!!!!
  20. Sweet....love the TRoG vibe and classic touches. Build on!
  21. Very cool! Can't wait for next update. My 2.5 cents...agree with loosing the six wheel, but like the velocity stacks. Build on.
  22. Thanks Dave. I followed your suggestion and it was replaced within a couple of days. Wow, now that's service!
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