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Scale I Build

  1. This is my latest build, the Revell 37 Ford Pickup converted to tow truck. the conversion is the bed (on a shortened bed floor), Crane, Frame with lights and rear wheel arches. all designed and 3d printed by yours truly. the only downside was some fitting issued of the hood that left a not so nice gap but "tis what it is", Hope you like it!
  2. WIP: 3D 1953 Studebaker pickup + MPC 1984 GMC 4WD My first 3D printed body project, built on a donor kit that Hobby Lobby sells. It was recently announced in a Facebook group, for some reason I had to build it because I've been into old pickups (own a '68 Chevy C-10, had a '48 5 Window last century). The donor kit needed a bunch of work to look right. The body was designed to be a Pro Street, so the bed is extensively modified to look original. Hood was opened, is hinged using 100 year old fusee watch chain. Interior is 99% scratch-built, did not modify the VW Bus steering wheel. Made the leaf springs, steering column connected to steering linkage, disk brakes, gas tank, mudflaps, exhaust and shocks are modified. The book by AK Interactive 'Extreme Weathering' inspired the paint job, it's actually easier and faster than doing a shiny paint finish which is always a challenge for me, and it hides mistakes. When wet-sanding for the process of polishing paint, and you go through the paint it's a disaster, here it's a reward. Started Feb. 26, 195 hours later, barely finished before the Desert Scale Classic show!
  3. Always had a soft spot for these Studebaker pickups, when I saw this new 3D printed 1953 body by Andy Lesiak , I *had to* get it. Evaluated what to use for a donor kit, decided on the MPC "Deserter" '84 Jimmy, because I'm not a fan of the Square Body era, especially the stacked quad rectangle headlights (I own a '68 Chevy C-10 so I'm extremely biased 😝). The Studebaker bed is designed for a Pro Street build, that is going to get revamped. Was thinking of using the floor of the GMC bed, but this nixed that idea. Right off the bat, encountered bad engineering, the rear perches for the front suspension, no left/right, so slight modification required. Glued parts that are halves together, for now not cleaning up, goal is to do a mockup. Found the engine has left/right valve covers, but the instructions don't indicate such. Puttied some sink marks already. Rookie builders might get ticked off about how the wheels might not turn when assembled. The ejection pin marks needed to be scraped down. The part numbers on the tree are screwed up, there is a front/rear axle retainer with different lengths, the same number was on a front and rear part. 😆 The other thing about the wheels, they are about 1/16" wider than the tire beads. Can't just sand down the rim, need to evaluate what to do, this can't stand! Used the hotwire to cut off the door panels, modify the gas tank, and cut up the firewall part. Temporarily glued the drivetrain together with globs of Titebond glue. The instructions are useless for showing how the front leaf springs mount to the front perches, there is no positive connection, so the first mockup will determine what to do next. In fact, there is about 3/16" of play front-back to fix the front axle, I guess in this case with the different body that's a plus! I know the body will be painted a patina turquoise, with different color rear fenders, and will add some dents. The interior will have to be scratch-built, have a VW Bus bench seat which should suffice, dash will take more work, and door panels are simple enough. No emblems, street rods usually have that stuff shaved, but that hood ornament is cool, have to make that! Taillights are simple. Was planning to use the GMC mirrors, brush guard, winch.
  4. Stumbled upon this 3D printed 1953 Studebaker pickup that Andy Lesiak posted on Fakebook. He can also do a 1957 version. I've always liked these, didn't think twice about it. No interior, but it's simple enough for me to scratch build. Will post pictures when received.
  5. Good evening, all. Just completed my first Moebius kit, and while I won't tell you that it put itself together, I will commend Moebius for having produced one of the best-engineered kits I've personally ever had the pleasure to build. First build in over ten years, so still knocking some of the rust off, but I am pleased with the effort. Not perfect, but I've never known that experience, so can't say I'm disappointed. Anyhow, enjoy the pic's. Constructive comments always warmly received. Tamiya TS-7 Racing White; AS-29 Gray Green with Top coat TS 13 Clear
  6. Lest not forget our humble beginnings… I had this poor old pickup in my 1950s Ford Pickup parts box. Built by some kid somewhere back in history, I don’t even remember how I came into it. It would have been easy to just toss it since I have a whole box full of this kit.. It wound up sitting on top of my model room TV where it would call my name! So I started playing and you know where it went! And she rolled off the workbench this morning! Part of this build was to have a no pressure build, and to retain some of the character the original builder put into it. Thus we kept it Desoto Hemi powered and left the hood scoop intact. We even kept the original grille the kid painted the center logo red so maybe he’d recognize it someday. The original brush paint blue yielded two more colors under it as we wet sanded it flat. That worked for our vision. The front bumper with 4 fog lights was an old broken roll bar from the parts box. We left the rear roll pan the way it was and added Pennsylvania license “REFRESH” as appropriate. We added Caddy bullet tail lights from our parts box. We did dry brush some wood grain in the box. Tool box has been banging around my workbench looking for a project. Wheels and tires came from our vast parts collection. We went to reuse the original gas cap and noticed the kid accidentally used the back side of the alternator, so we used the custom one from the kit. The truck had no suspension at all so we hit the 53 Ford parts box for all new stuff. The back end of chassis has been hacked up, so we cut the back end from a new chassis and pinned it together. Important to note that the front chassis and body are permanently fused together with an enthusiastic amount of glue so we left it together. We made the side exhaust from kit supplied parts. Desoto Hemi was all glued to death crooked, so we grabbed a new one from the parts bin. The engine is wired, though you can hardly see the work. Manifold and carbs again from the parts box. Interior was originally assembled without any paint. Since it’s stuck in there, we did the ship in a bottle thing and did work through the windows. Steering wheel got painted. Dash got a gauge label and detail painting. The seat got a printed paper cover glued in place. And the money shot! She fits right into the 53-56 pickup collection. This was a fun no pressure build.. anything I did would be an improvement! At times a bit frustrating and with the limitations it’s not perfect, but I’m glad to have it on the shelf!
  7. Just finished up this MPC ‘75 Datsun truck! Built from the recently reissued Lil’ Hustler kit. Airbrushed in Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue for the exterior, XF-55 Deck Tan for the interior. Box stock except for the sport door mirror from the AMT ‘66 Mustang. This kit went together pretty well overall with plenty of detail, but there was a fair amount of flash on most of the parts. Also, my chrome tree was warped so I couldn’t use many of the custom parts (not that I wanted to). Overall I’m happy with the results and I love the color combo!
  8. Hi all! I would like to show you my latest build - Kit from Revell GMC Pickup with snow plow but built in civil version. Initial kit is pure on interior details and in engine bay. It required a lot of improvements and parts manufacturing from scratch. Some of the extеrior parts were machined from aluminum. Aftermarket was also used. For interior I machined door panels. Wooden finish decals were user from the equal Chevy 4x4 kit. Steering wheel whom Chevy SS kit but restyled to GMC shape. Pedals, gear selector are scratched. Chassis were detailed with wire, bolts and brake lines, steering gear also added. Engine detailed with scratched parts and aftermarket. Body painted in two colors an finished with 2k clear cote. Please have a look on a results and hope you enjoy it..
  9. I'm going to try to do something with this to make it more detailed and interesting:
  10. Built from this kit Which also had custom parts for the George Barris hot rod version. Some of the customizing parts looked goofy or didn't fit very well, so I sourced some bits and such from the spares bins to make a modern pickup rod. Mods as followed: Independent front suspension made from Ferarri Enzo pieces and Monogram 1992 Corvette A arms Monogram 1992 Corvette also gave it's independent rear suspension + axle. Wheels and tires are from a Revell Motor City Muscle '69 Shelby GT500. Disc brakes are from a Hummer H2 Kit's custom exhaust was lengthened at the end using pieces from Revell Shelby Series one kit had a wooden style flat bed, or a bed that had seats going on it but no side pieces, which isn't street legal. An AMT 1953 Ford F150 pickup bed was used with a custom rear clear tailgate made using a Hummer H2 rear window cut down to fit Exterior paint is Tamiya TS-58 Pearl Light Blue over Rustoluem Silver, cleared with Pledge.
  11. AMT's 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Pickup. I used to own a 1969, standard model without the fancy interior and extra side trim, it was sold in Safford, AZ and still had the Protecto plate in the Owner's Manual, bought from a friend whose grandpa was the original owner, made an agreement to sell back when he had the money, but he died, nephew contacted me to buy it back. It worked on a ranch, so it had the strange back bumper, it had been repainted after the front right corner was wrecked, I removed the saddle tanks, plastic bed liner, and chromed bed edge protectors, so off the bat it's not really an accurate replica. I took other liberties, some things if I fixed it up sort of things, and not doing the air-conditioning parts. WIP: AMT - 1969 Chevrolet pickup: The Green Barge I made several pieces such as the the taillight section, tailgate, bench seat, door panels, toolbox, etc that I could sell resin copies of. Fireball Modelworks resin slotted mag wheels, with tires from the Italeri Ferrari 275. Splash paint. The real truck, first day I drove it: Day I sold it: My studio, 1968 pickup. Someday will build that.
  12. "Post traditional" seems as good a term as any for what what was happening past the usual cutoff date for the traditional hot rod style (1963-ish?). It doesn't really tick off the usual traditional boxes, but at the same time, it isn't one we've seen a lot of , those interest seems to be growing. The starting point is a Lindberg '34 Ford pickup, and most of the inspiration is coming from these two rods: So the plan is five spoke mags and blue stripe tires if I can find something suitable, with a cedar (stained basswood actually) bed cover for the Northwest look. Here's a mockup of what I have so far. I was originally going to just use the wheels from Revell's '32 Ford 5 Window Coupe, but I ended up using the frame, running gear and fenders as well. The top has a mild chop, just enough to remove the "Phone booth" look, and the bed has been shortened, though I may shorten it a little more.
  13. This is a restoration I did a few years ago. I got it in a trade with a member here. It was in decent shape with just a bad '60's paint job, missing emblems, stock tail lights and firewall. It also had most of the trailer. I decided to build it as a curbside and just concentrate on the body and interior. I separated the cab from the bed and filled in the cab wall. I separated the grille from the bumper. Opened the grille, drilled out the molded in headlights, added reflectors and lenses. I modified both bumpers and added bumper bolts to the front bumper. I scratch built a splash pan. I made new bezels for the bullet tail lights with aluminum tube. The holes from the missing emblems were filled. It's painted with Krylon Ocean Breeze with Testors Dull Cote. Wheels are Pegasus with Revell Good Year SCS's with painted whitewalls. The interior is painted the same color with white accents. Can’t see it in the photos. But, I scratch built a tuck and roll headliner and glued it to the glass runners to cover them up. It really tidies up the interior. It's a simple old model. But, it looks the part. Thanx for checking it out!
  14. I owned this 1969 Chevrolet C-10, got from a friend who needed the money, died last year, nephew bought it because it was sold new in Safford (still had the service plate with the manual) to a relative. It grew on me, found out why they are very coveted, much like the model kits! ? I nicknamed it The Green Barge because a friend owned a nice motorcycle named The Green Monster. Currently own a 1968 C-10, so can use for reference (which is the same blue this model was painted). Going to build for a future diorama idea, so not going to scratch-build an accurate chassis, but will grind off the left exhaust to replicate this truck (I wanted to put on twice pipes). Bought off Facebook Marketplace, it was built half decent, seller had stripped the body, I'm stripping and rebuilding the rest. The plan is to improve some things, and modify to resemble the trim specifications. The interior is going to be a major scratch-build: cut out the bucket seats and make a bench seat from Corian, dash will get gauges behind 'glass' (minus little auxiliary ones), add shift lever and turn signal, pedals, door panels were steel with simple arm rest. Exterior will have the upper trim removed, the raised wood grain needs to be removed from the lower trim, tailgate will be a major change, drill stakebed holes, modify the front bumper, sidelights need to be basic, and fix the horrible taillights. Scratch-build: the license plates, rear bumper, mirrors, toolbox, steps, driving lights (which came off my MINI). Aftermarket details: gauge faces, slotted mags, and the big deal item is the '69 grill! I took reference pictures with the tape measure in the picture when I sold it, will post them as I get to those parts. Start off with these photos to give an idea. Hauling flagstone: Hauling mountain bike: Replaced the perfectly bumper that I snagged on the fence post: Day that I said goodbye: Most of the parts, instructions with notes: The rest of the parts: Cleaning up parts of mold lines, and starting assembly. Puttying the massive ejection pin marks. Going to order Splash paint per paint chart, 503. The original owner had it repainted, including the interior! When I replaced the left headlight, discovered why. ?
  15. Well here i am again, starting another model. I happen to be a fan of strange/uncommon cars and engines, which makes this build super interesting for me! The plans are to lower the truck, add some cool fender flares, and some killer wheels. But you cant have a ridiculous truck without a ridiculous engine, i'm currently torn between four engine choices (1994 Corvette Ls, 1968-73 Corvette engine, adding a supercharger to the stock 4 banger) I'm now out of school working full time, so progress may be slow but hopefully I can keep progress onthis one.
  16. Alrighty then, Haven't posted here for a while. I'm primarily a rc scale ship guy, but have always loved model cars. Every now and then I get an idea based on everyday life, and here it is. Started with the MPC '75 Datsun pickup kit; made the flatbed from styrene sheet/strip. The porta-potty is a resin item from Scale Equipment. This a curbside, so no under the hood shots. I stripped the kit mag wheels, and sprayed them flat white, with a healthy coating of rust/dirt. The body is Model Master flat medium blue rattle can, with an undercoat of red oxide primer. Bumper/grill/mirrors were also sprayed white. additional rust was dry brushed on, as were some pastel chalks. I added a coffee thermos/flashlight/magazine to the cab seat. Pretty quick build, needed something to get the model car juices going again. All comments/criticism/theats are welcome. Mark
  17. This scary little puppy is finished! My goal was to have it on the table at the Philly NNL last Saturday and I managed to finish it up Friday afternoon with time to spare! This is a project started back in 2008, revisited in 2012 and finally put on the bench with intent of finishing it about a month ago. I had asked friends for suggestions on a number of details and incorporated a lot of their feedback into the final model. Falcon Ranchero bed.. some guys at the Philly NNL thought I used the bed from the 1/32 Ranchero, but no it's a sliced and diced bed from the 1/25 version. New Jersey plate was one I already had made up, placed on the vehicle hastily to look complete. I reserve the right to change it to a personalized one someday in the future! Friends suggested bomber seats, so I grabbed the set that was in the recent Revell Model A chopped coupe. Clear steering wheel came out of an AMT Riviera, parking brake is VW. Console is '57 Ford custom unit whittled to fit. I drilled in some cup holders because I go nowhere without my big cup of coffee! I gave some details to the dirty underside. The exhaust is the stock set that came on the custom 1950 Ford pickup, only cut right behind the mufflers. I added some chrome ends that probably were intake parts in their previous life. Here she is sitting next to my stock 1950 Ford pickup just to illustrate how modified she really is! The body was sectioned and once the top was removed the windshield was chopped as well. Maybe I should have cut a bit more off of that! And she's shorter too! I had taken a bit out of the chassis length. In this last shot you can see how I raised the engine up a bit so that the injectors came through the hood. This is a fixed panel, reminiscent of those old pickups with the two sided hood. That is the flatty with the Ardun heads that came with the kit. So in the end we have this crazy little rod. And the voices in my head are pleased!
  18. With all the excitement prior to the 24 Hour Build I literally forgot to take photos and post a model I had completed the year before! This was my 24 Hour Build project for 2014, that I didn't complete. In this photo you can see when I packed it in at 6:14 am on Sunday. There were things I didn't like about it, and knew I didn't want to finish it that way. One of the things you may notice are the HUGE almost working hinges in this kit. I had already built a Jimmy Flintstone resin van and he had correct hinges. So I did glue the doors shut and add ones the right size made from Evergreen round. For my Christmas Amnesty Project, I had made a commitment to myself to attack all those 80-90% finished models on my project shelf. I had completed the Model A TROG racer as my last build of 2018, and had moved right onto the Dodge D50 US Navy pickup as my first build for 2019. So this one is my second completion this year, and the 24 Hour Build Model A woody pickup is the THIRD. Me? With three completions in January? Unheard of! LOL Paint is Testors One Coat Flaming Orange because I absolutely love the color. I had painted my '65 Barracuda a similar color back in 1978. The paint laid perfectly. I don't believe I even clear coated it. That is the stock position for the spare tire. The kit doesn't have a stock gas filler so I drilled a hole and added one from my parts box. I think this one was from the AMT '53 Ford Pickup. Of course I can complicate anything, so I got the bright idea of replacing the kit's stock exhaust with duals. So I took two of the kit's stock mufflers (from two kits) and fabricated most everything else from pieces and parts of exhaust systems I keep in a shoe box for this purpose. The tail pipe ends are from the Revell Dart kits. I drill out the parts and assemble it all with bits of straight pin. I fit it tight so I can adjust the parts on the car before finalizing with glue, same way you'd do before clamping on a 1:1 car. I don't remember where I swiped the bucket seats from back in 2014. I did remember that I sprayed them with cheap spray paint that didn't dry during the 24 Hours! Now five years later, they are dry! I had to make seat bases for them to sit in the van. With no time constraints, I decided to add some seat belts. Model Car Garage buckles that I added depth to with Evergreen. And correct 1/16" ribbon for the belts. I bought a lifetime supply of seat belts on eBay (5 dif color rolls) for $10. I made a custom plate for the occasion. The bumpers are the same color as the interior. And here's the pair sitting together. Note how the hinges match now! I'm happy to have finished this one!
  19. I want to make a model of my son's 1:1 1981 Chevy truck he inherited from my dad. I've got the body itself sorted out, including scratch building the camper shell, but I need to figure out the grille. I did a Google search and found a picture of a model with the correct grille. The grille looks like it is resin. I'm looking for that EXACT grille.
  20. First of all, I would like to say hello again to everybody here! It's been a long while since I've worked on any models. Now that the re-introduction's out of the way, I have a question: what kind of engine is in the AMT '79 Ford Firestone pickup? I have the Model King variant that was released about a decade ago, so I'm under the presumption that it has the same engine.
  21. Preliminary box art for the forthcoming 1/25 MPC Dodge D-100 Pickup kit:
  22. Should be out within the next two months or so. Excellent choice for the box art.
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