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whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

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Boy, some of these kits bring back memories.

Two of my rarest were combo kits from the early '70s. One was a Ferrari P4 and Porsche 907 sports prototypes. The other was a Brabham Formula 3 and Matra Formula 2.

All of these were built, but only one from each survives.

I suppose some kits are like rare wines: most valuable left in the package. I don't really agree with that. 

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This WAS one of my rarest kits. Sold it on eBay last month.  Made years ago by "Corvair Models."  These were only sold over the Internet and only 1000 were made. If you look in the lower left-hand corner of the boxtop, you'll see "820/1000," so this kit was number 820 of the thousand that were cast.  

It's a dead-bang copy of the Premier Rampside kit issued in 1961. It has an engine, which looks nothing like a Corvair engine, and is in 1/27 scale or thereabouts.  One nice touch: the instruction sheet was a copy of the Premier instructions.  You might want to hunt this one down if you collect every Corvair kit ever made or something.  But it's not very good as a replica. If you want a much better Rampside, get the bestmodelcars resin body.

I bought that body, and hoped to recoup its cost by selling this one.  It got 25 bids and sold for $162.50.




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Rare  is subjective , well to me  it is . Two years back , I ran into an old High school acquaintance who knew I still built and collected model cars . She offered me a cash deal on a collection of partly assembled 1960's kits . This was a 1963 Chevrolet C-10 P U  which thankfully had the Triumph Bike parts and MOST of the stock pieces to assemble a truck . The truck and the Bike will now become a part of my latest diorama , The Crossroads Coffee house , a Queen Anne 1894 Victorian turned into office space for a church .

1963 cHEVROLET C-10 pu 1.JPG

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6 hours ago, Renegade said:

I'll play. Got the Foxy Vette from Jeffdeoranut in a trade, the ambulance from another member and the JYD from E-bay about 15 years ago. All are MIB.Would like to build them though I'm afrain my weathering skills are not up to doing justice to the JYD. Plan to do the ambulance for my firetruck collection. The decals are ate up for Farrahs vette, need to see if anybody makes a replacement set. Have over 60 unbuilt kits and probably that many more started so these are down on the list.


Nice!, I have that Foxy Vette as well!

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5 minutes ago, jeffdeoranut said:

heres 3 more...Dutchman is built...cruzer is still in box...stang was a built one...have new decals...its dear to my heart as the superstang was the first model kit I built circa 1969.




That Flying Dutchman looks SWEET!!!

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'67 STP Turbine car scored off eBay.  I plan a total rebuild with the correct color and new decals.  I hunted a long time, these go for stupid money.  I built one as a kid after seeing the real thing at time trials at the Brickyard and hope to do better now





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3 hours ago, jeffdeoranut said:

it took me a long time to find mine-a built one but easy to take apart and strip ...its ready for paint, just haven't gotten to it...please post pics of yours

It's still in pieces in the box, but when and if I build it, I'll post it.

My came to me on accident. I saw it in the back room of a thrift store, I asked about it and they went back there pulled it and brought it to me. "2 bucks" they said. I said - Sold!

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18 minutes ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

My came to me on accident. I saw it in the back room of a thrift store, I asked about it and they went back there pulled it and brought it to me. "2 bucks" they said. I said - Sold!

Circa 1990.  I was at a local hobby shop and the owner was giving me gift certificates to give away as door prizes at our show.  She had me follow her through the back room and I spied some Johan 1962 Studebaker convertibles on a shelf.  I asked and she said,  "That's obsolete stock nobody wants."   I walked out of there with the stack of 5 for a ten dollar bill!

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9 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

Its a toss-up between these three; My original Airfix JB DB-5, which I just started yesterday,  my Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....original, was still sealed, but I opened it since i'm going to build it too, and my Fujimi Ferrari 288 GTO kit No.9......VERY hard to find!!!      -I don't care how rare, I build them all!!




James Bond car was the first one I build at 6 years old sure wish I could find another one because I have lots memorys of that kit because me and my dad build it

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10 minutes ago, Khils said:

Mine would probably have to be this one..........build it?.......like to have it copied as a master & build its clones:D


wow!  ive never seen that one...way cool.  there is a guy who sells a resin cheetah kit...I got one of his cobra coupes-maybe get a cheetah for Christmas this year...lol

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9 hours ago, D. Battista said:

Probably would be Gunze Sangyo 1941 Indian Sport Scout.  Someday I will build it.

This is an internet pic.



Got one of those too!  I'll build mine if you build yours!


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Image result for aurora sealab iii

Image result for aurora jfk model


About twenty years ago, I was walking up the yavnya past an old storefront which used to be Bernard's Variety Store. Contractors were converting it into a GNC and were hauling out stuff and tossing it into a 30 cu. yd. dumpster. These two kits were inside. I asked one of the guys if I could take them. He climbed in, dug them out and gave them to me. Both boxes were beat up and looked like they once were waterlogged. They were both complete with moldy instruction sheets. Both have been stored away since then. That Sealab III is worth a small fortune and I don't intend on ever building it. I found a resin Sealab kit from a company called Masterpiece Models which I'll get and build. Still debating on whether to build JFK. 

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It's funny that this subject should come up at this time!

Up until this point, I would have said that it was either the AMT 1967 Ford Galaxie or the MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T which I have yet to build,





I could also include restorations that need to take place on an AMT 1960 Ford pickup or an MPC 1966 Dodge Monaco,


2v29kyVvGxwUbWP.jpg  2v2um3tq5xwUbWP.jpg




Or I could have said the Johan 1961 Plymouth Fury that I have built.






But in light of recent developments, I think I have finally found one that seems to be almost non-existent!

I recently completed a trade with a wonderful gentleman from Sweden for a super rare Johan 1968 Oldsmobile 442 builder!

I have been tentatively searching for one of these for years & have rarely seen them, let alone ever found one in suitable condition for a resto.

I have seen promos for sale on occasion, but the kit seems to be extremely rare for some reason.

I have yet to receive it, but it has reached the shores of America, so I'm very excited to get this little gem in my hands!

These are the photos that the gentleman has sent me.

It looks to be complete & in very good restorable condition.

I'm very stoked!!








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I picked up the old MPC Universal Jeep CJ-5, the one with the service station package- half cab, snow plow and push bumper- at a swap meet 20 years ago. I have yet to build it, some of it is not wanting to screw it up, the other part of it is having a ton of other WIPs. One of these days!


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I guess the rarest one I have is my original JOHAN 66 Plymouth Fury III.  Originally built as a Sox & Martin Fuel-injected Hemi drag car - hey what did a 16 year-old kid know anyway.  I am trying to restore it to a streetable car, thanks to Modelhaus for a grille and hood.  I found it in a box under my Lionel train in my parent's basement when we got the house.  It is the only survivor I have other than several Monogram 1/32 static/slot cars,  I will post them in the next post



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