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I finished this one up a while ago. It's the Airfix 1/24 MGB Roadster. A straightforward kit that goes together well. One of those rare trouble free builds, this one is built largely box stock with some interior detailing; carpeting, seat piping, gauge bezels, column stalks, mirrors, etc. Paint is Humbrol #47 enamel. The ride height was lowered about 1.5 scale inches. Unfortunately the glass exhibits quite a bit of optical distortion, especially noticeable on a topless car. The window and the frame are molded as one (a peeve of mine) making it difficult to improve the glass with sanding/polishing. In fact, I broke mine trying, but a forum member came to the rescue with a replacement (thanks Matt!). The kit wheels are also slightly oversized, another pet peeve of mine, throwing off the look of the finished product somewhat. But those two minor issues aside, it's a great kit that builds into a nice little MG. It even took first in class at our little peer-judged annual model show.

Comments, critiques welcome.







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5 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Very cool and well done. Is the kit curbside? I gotta source one of these. How did you do the seat piping?

Much thanks, Lee. The kit is curbside and goes together really well. For a chrome bumper car you will want to lower it at least a scale 1.5 inches, but for a rubber bumper car the ride height OOB would be pretty close. Rubber bumper parts are in the kit.

See below for seat piping info.

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3 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Beautiful job.

Nice cars to drive, simple and reliable, quick enough to be entertaining.

The overhead shot showing the white piping on the seats is particularly realistic.

How'd you do it? Is it shown on the build thread?

Cheers Bill. Yes, from the days when sporting driving was done in simple machines. It's still my preference.

I appreciate the comments on the interior. For most of my building life I pretty much ignored interiors in favour of the more interesting things like engines and chassis. Somehow I've made a switch, and the last few years my builds have been curbside with all the work in the interior.


There is no build thread for this one. The seat piping was quite easy, actually. Evergreen .010" and some Tamiya extra thin. Any existing piping or raised edge is sanded off first. It went better than expected, fix a piece at one end with a little extra-thin and let it set, then work your way from there. The plastic strip softens quite a bit on contact with the glue, helping it to conform to corners without resistance. After applying, allow to set then use a sanding stick to thin it a little and smooth out any rough bits. Once painted and dried, scrape the paint from the piping. The problem with this method is it can only be done in white, or at least I haven't seen any suitable styrene in other colours. The .010" is a bit heavy for seat piping, especially in a small car, and indeed it is a bit 'in your face', but overall it has a nice look. Unfortunately a bit of rough handling pulled away the piping from the top corner of the passenger seat. I couldn't fix it without making a visible mess, but then I thought, "Piping torn away from the top corner of the seat, how authentic is that?"

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