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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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It has been only two days since my purchases at the Toronto Model Car Show and Contest, and Kijiji has bitten. I never thought I would see the day when I would say that $25 was a good price for a sealed kit, but here we are. I bought the Monogram Olds Aerotech and the Porsche 904 kits for that price.

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2 hours ago, Mark said:

Found these two goodies at the Three Rivers show yesterday.  The Pontiac is the nicest one I have ever seen, period.  It has a couple of peculiar modifications: the chrome tach in place of the lower grille filler piece, and the Moon discs on the rear only.  There was a pair of homemade fender skirts on when I bought it, they appear to have been cut from some large flat piece from the same kit, maybe a tonneau cover for the rear seat area.  Those were attached with tiny tabs of scrap plastic, one for each skirt.  They practically fell off.  There were side pipes at one time but they were cemented only at the chassis end, not to the floor pan or body.  I fixed one of these that had the original kit skirts, those butt up against the side trim and the cement usually does some damage.  This one is way nicer, but I'll probably keep both.

The Falcon is a Craftsman kit that was just snapped together with no alterations.  I have wanted to put a hardtop on one.  Not this one...other than an unbuilt one, this is now "best" and the couple others I have will move down a notch.



They are really nice,

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34 minutes ago, cobraman said:

Never really thought about doing one of these but a show I watch ( Wheeler Dealers ) fixed up one and I decided to get a kit. Ordered it from Burbank House of Hobbies and as usual I had it pretty quick.

Don’t try to slip a GT40 drivetrain in the Lotus.  I double dog dare you. 😄

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7 hours ago, Dpate said:

How's the quality of the fujimi? I have the tamiya version.  What scale is it? Box looks huge compared to the tamiya version lol.

It's 1/24th. The box is so big because they cast the body as a one piece unit. It's a curbside and is another one of Fujimi's mediocre new tools (Pantera, Esprit, etc) that make nice enough shelf models, but leave a lot to be desired.

In Fujimi's defense, when they made this kit the Tamiya Europa had been OOP for quite awhile, but if you already have a Tamiya kit - or now that the Tamiya kit has been reissued - there's no real reason to pick this one up. Unless you just really like Europas.

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Went to the 3 Rivers Auto Modelers show in Pittsburgh over the weekend. I have too many kits as it is so I wasn't looking for anything. Grabbed a couple of OOP SJR Oldsmobiles.


Also at the show, much to my besmusement I got a 3rd Place for my recently completed NuNu BMW 320i. Took it just to show as it's the first thing Ive drug across to a finish since 2019. It's not particularly great in my own eyes, and I wouldn't have placed it over other builds in the class, but any given Sunday and all of that.


Also in the mail this morning the 3 newest sheets (which are some months old at this point) from RacingDecals43.


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On 9/26/2022 at 9:31 PM, NYLIBUD said:

88 Mustang GT.It arrived today.Looks like a good kit to turn either into a drag car,or maybe build it stock.




7 hours ago, thatz4u said:

maybe cross it with the Revell 90 Mustang...

Worst part of the MPC is the poorly proportioned chrome headlights, and we all know the worst part of the Revell notchback is the roof.

Mashing the two into an LX fastback should eliminate the worst of each.  Haven't gotten the two together to see if they would actually play nice with each other, though.

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Spotted these kits at the auction of the Days Gone By museum in Tennessee last month. I took a GIANT leap of faith and put in some pretty low bids, and won them all today. Now to see if the kits are complete, or complete junk (well I know the Palmer Karmann Ghia kit is complete junk, anyway). Fingers crossed!






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