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What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

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On 9/28/2022 at 2:47 AM, niteowl7710 said:

Went to the 3 Rivers Auto Modelers show in Pittsburgh over the weekend. I have too many kits as it is so I wasn't looking for anything. Grabbed a couple of OOP SJR Oldsmobiles.


Also at the show, much to my besmusement I got a 3rd Place for my recently completed NuNu BMW 320i. Took it just to show as it's the first thing Ive drug across to a finish since 2019. It's not particularly great in my own eyes, and I wouldn't have placed it over other builds in the class, but any given Sunday and all of that.


Also in the mail this morning the 3 newest sheets (which are some months old at this point) from RacingDecals43.


Super BMW well done!

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On 9/23/2022 at 7:16 PM, Mike C. said:

20220923_133918.thumb.jpg.a9fbe52ed61c4a56d65b6d554a3ad148.jpg20220923_133918.thumb.jpg.a9fbe52ed61c4a56d65b6d554a3ad148.jpgGot my shipment from MegaHobby. The were having a sale on the Manx. So I grabbed 2 for the parts for the up  coming Baja bug kit. I couldn't fit the factory type grill on the Revell Chevy van so I scrapped the whole project for this Foxy Boxy kit.  It comes wit the factory grill in the kit. So now I'm combining the 2 kits . Should be cool. Also my latest Fireball order arrived.  Joseph was kind enough to make me some KC Daylighter decals. 4 in 1/16 so I can use them on the big Revell Chevy pickup. One thing I thought was strange.  Joseph must have changed his formula for his super swampers.  The new ones are light grey and sort of hard. I guess I'll have to paint them.


To have just one Meyers Manx would be enough, but the kit plus shipping to the UK is out of my league!

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I was at the Classic Plastic Model Car Show this morning in Lawrence Mass. and scored six built cars including a 1962 Chevy Nova rag top and a 1976 Dodge Dart both of which were very nicely done. I also took time out to check out the models that were in the contest and I was totally blown away by the details on many of them. I had a great time.

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